Monogram Under the counter Ice machine

by M Kilpatrick
(Raleigh, NC)

I have loved having an under counter ice machine. It is so handy. Great for large crowds or daily use.

It makes strange noises and heats the area all around. But I can live with that.
However, I cannot continue to pay out a yearly $400-700 repair bill to keep this expensive $2500 appliance functioning. The ice cutter, then the pumps, then the wiring, then cracks in the tray.
This machine is not abused. In fact, it is hardly used.
Since GE only rebrands this Whirlpool appliance(and nearly doubles the price for the Monogram label) the excuse is "We do not make it--it is not our fault." Own up, GE. Make sure you have a quality product before you put your name on it.
It is a great idea, but I am not sure the appliance companies have quite figured out how to make this sort of machine functional for home use.

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