NewAir AI-100R Portable Compact Icemaker Machine (28 Lbs Ice/Day)

3 Sizes - Countertop Model

3 Sizes - Countertop Model

New Air Portable Icemaker (Model: AI-100R) When my husband and I finished refinishing our basement and installed a full-size bar, I purchased a wine fridge for his birthday and included an ice maker as well.

The wine fridge and cooler were made by the same company and I really chose the ice maker because I loved the red color of it, as it matched our retro-style bar/basement area. I thank god I made the right choice in buying this little ice maker because I truly believed it has saved us LOADS of money in buying bags of ice.

The little red genius machine makes ice in about a half hour or so, which is different than it’s “fast ice” time that was advertised, but I’m fine with that because we have more than enough ice in a few hours to last us all night long when entertaining over 25 people who are constantly using ice for drinks.

It has 3 different sizes for ice cubes, but I don’t use the small setting because the ice cubes basically last all of 3 minutes in a glass of liquid because the ice cubes come out with a hollow center/indent in the bottom of the cubes so they are pretty thin to begin with- I think the small setting only gets used by accident when my husband doesn’t check the settings on the machine!

The machine only takes about 3 quarts of water to make ice with and we need to remind ourselves to refill it about half way through entertaining or else we’ll get little itty bitty ice cubes (the machine doesn’t shut off automatically), but really, I can’t expect more from such a small little appliance that only cost me around $150 online.

Great buy- a solid 4 out of 5 on the awesome scale and I already have had friends of mine purchase the same machine.

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