Popular Frigidaire FFC0723DW Full-Access Sliding Storage Baskets) Chest Freezer 7 cu ft

Popular Freezer : Basic Model : Quiet Functioning

Popular Freezer : Basic Model : Quiet Functioning

The Frigidaire FFC0723DW is one of the most POPULAR compact chest freezer on the market today, and has received some high ratings from a leading consumer magazine. It is a fairly basic model and is the second smallest model after their 5 cu ft model.

This is a very QUIET functioning, AFFORDABLE freezer and comes with a 1 year warranty.

    Interior Features

  • Although a basic model and fairly compact this freezer has a number important features , and has become a very popular freezer with customers.
  • It comes with the TWO StorMor, FULL-ACCESS SLIDING STORAGE BASKETS, which are of wire construction and can store a good range of produce, while providing complete visibility.
  • These baskets
    lift-out and SLIDE for convenient storage and easy access to the rest of the freezer.
  • There are also Bin dividers, which allow you to organize your freezer to your requirements and compartmentalize all your freezer food.
  • A POWER-ON Indicator Light lets you know at a glace that your freezer is functioning.
  • Although this does not have an automatic defrost facility it does has a Defrost Water Drain, which makes the chore of defrosting a much more agreeable task., as it quickly and conveniently removes any water during defrosting ~ which under normal circumstances would be approximately annually.
  • An ADJUSTABLE temperature knob makes adjusting the temperature an easy task, allowing you to set your freezer temperature to a colder setting before adding meat and other fresh produce in the freezer, which helps maintain the freshness and prevent freezer burn.

      Exterior Features

  • This is a compact little freezer and the next to the smallest in the Frigidaire range of chest freezers This freezer is a white finish and there is a similar sized one with almost the same features that comes in black (FFC0723GB).

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 23 ¼ Inches
    Height: 34 ¼ Inches
    Width: 35Inches
    Total Volume: 7.2 Cu. Ft.


  • Although this is not Energy Star® rated, being a chest freezer it consumes far less energy that the upright equivalent freezer. It is quite unusual to have the option of a freezer in black but the equivalents model is offered both black and white.
  • The StoreMore baskets, being able to both slide and be lifted out are a great advantage as they significantly help to make food organization much easier.
  • There is the added advantage that should you wish, you can purchase additional StoreMore baskets as an OPTIONAL EXTRA.


  • This is NOT Energy Star® qualified, which means that it is not certified as being energy efficient to the standards required.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Lift-Out Sliding Baskets
  • defrost water drain
  • compact size
  • highly recommended
  • very popular with customers
  • keeps temperature well
  • very reasonably priced

  • fairly basic model
  • no lock
  • rather small
  • not Energy Star®

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