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Samsung is perhaps better known for its electronic products such as phones and cameras but it has also long produced kitchen appliances. Samsung freezers are known for their UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE DESIGNS, AESTHETIC, and INTUITIVE FEATURES.

Samsung freezers are STYLISH and MODERN and sport unique and useful basic freezer features like FROST FREE and DIGITAL DISPLAYS as well as CHILD SAFE FEATURES. Although Samsung has not been producing stand alone freezers for many years unlike other names such as GE, Kenmore or Whirlpool, the reliability of the performance of the brand's other electronic products make Samsung a good choice when it comes to choosing freezers. Those who have Samsung refrigerator fridges can attest that the built-in freezer compartments serve them as well as the whole unit does.

Read on to know why Samsung freezers are among the best choices for food storage in the market today

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Freezer Overview


Samsung freezers are stylish and modern and sport unique and useful basic freezer features like frost free and digital displays as well as child safe features.

Different Types of Samsung Freezers and their Features

Upright freezers

Upright freezers from Samsung provide EASY STORAGE options and access to food.T hey are often more EXPENSIVE compared to chest freezers and tend to have a problem with keeping temperatures stable due to the constant opening and closing of the doors. One of the main advantages to this feature however is that food items can be seen at EYE LEVEL and there is less risk of forgetting stored items for too long.

Upright models from Samsung are also WELL-DESIGNED and most units sport MODERN, SLEEK and POLISHED LOOK especially the ones done in metallic finish. They take up LESS KITCHEN SPACE and therefore are perfect for those with smaller kitchens. You also see more options for SHELVING when it comes to Samsung upright freezers so FOOD ORGANIZATION is made way easier. The upright freezers come in silver or black and metallic finish to give them that MODERN LOOK.

Most Samsung freezers come with STYLISH DESIGNS and the FROST FREE FEATURE which prevents ice build up so that food labels are easy to read and items in transparent containers are easy to see. The units also come with DIGITAL DISPLAYS and controls for easy programming of settings. This type may be a bit on the COSTLY side to buy but they are far more convenient in the long run. They also come in VARYING CAPACITIES so you can choose among the capacities that suit your needs.

Popular Samsung Models and their Main Features

A top Samsung model is the SR216NME which is a top mount freezer in white. It has a capacity of 148L and features like the Coolever Zone plus which circulates air while maintaining optimum humidity to make food items stay crisp for longer. The model is also frost free so you can do without manual defrosting for years to come.

The RL39WBSW is a fridge freezer from Samsung that sports a stylish design and spacious innner compartments. It has the frost free feature and also comes with digital displays and controls. The unit has a capacity of 6.7 cu. ft. which makes it perfect for small storage needs.

The RL41WGIH is another fridge freezer that has a capacity of 12 cu. ft. and a standout silver finish that helps it blend well with other units in the kitchen. The RL41WGIH also is known for its energy efficiency when on normal power mode. You also have the option to reduce power consumption even more with the energy-saving switch. The frost free feature, which comes with almost all Samsung units, eliminates the need to manually defrost.

The RF266ABWP/XAA is another popular unit that has water dispensing features and an excellent door seal. The unit has a lot of room, and the ice water compartment does not take as much space in the interior. The stainless steel fridge gives the unit a reallly modern look. Stainless steel components add to the durability of this unit.


  • Samsung freezers are known for doing a good job in maintaining the RIGHT TEMPERATURE and the parts are DURABLE, nothing ever breaks down.

  • This make is known for their DURABILITY aside from the affordability.

  • You can expect to enjoy up to 6 GOOD YEARS when you go with a Samsung freezer.

  • The units also produce LESS NOISE compared to their counterparts from other brands.

  • Samsung freezers reduce the risk of losing food items in the cavernous confines of their freezers with the ORGANIZING TRAYS.

  • Some freezers also come with a number of USEFUL DESIGNS that are not included in other units such as anti BACTERIAL DESIGNS and CHILD FRIENDLY FEATURES.


  • The only downsides to the Samsung freezer is the LARGE SIZE of the units which tend to swallow up food items which often go to waste if they are forgotten.

  • One problem is that they tend to become NOISY with months and years of use, with the compressor the most common cause for the increasing noise.

  • This brand also have not been in the industry long enough to make suitable comparisons with other brands of freezers but with innovative designs and a reliable tract record as an electronics company, loyal customers will surely not hesitate to give Samsung freezers a try.

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