Samsung RF266AEWP White Pearl French Door Refrigerator 26 cu ft

Energy Star® : Split Shelves

Energy Star® : Split Shelves

The Samsung RF266AEWP is just another amazing product released by the solid and amazing company that is Samsung.

This refrigerator sports two French style doors that lead way to a surprising amount of space. Unlike other French door models, this model does not separate the width of the main compartment into two spaces, but instead uses the entire width of the refrigerator, allowing for maximum use of the storage capacity.

Beneath the refrigeration unit is a large pull out freezer that allows you to spread out your frozen items in a way that conserves a great deal of space. Aside from providing such a large amount of storage throughout the refrigerator, this model also runs extremely quiet for such a large machine.

There are also a few features on this model of refrigerator that make it stand out from many of the others. With a built in water filtration system and ice filtration system, it gives you clean filtered water whenever you want it, without the annoyance of using any extra filtration systems that can clutter your kitchen or sink.

Another awesome bonus of this fine refrigerator is its “quick chill” process. Which allows for cooling your drinks and other items very quickly, for when it’s a hot day and you don’t have the patience to stand around waiting for ice to freeze or your drink to cool down.

I am very happy with this refrigerator, it provides enough space to stock up on a lot of items, runs quietly and does not use much energy, and I love the extra features.

I would rate this as 4/5 stars.

  • Storage space
  • energy conservation, and its quiet.

  • Might be too large for some homes
  • a bit pricey.

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