Satina Stainless Whirlpool 9.6 cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator ET0MSRXTL ADA Compliant

Automatic Defrost - SpillMizerâ„¢ Glass Shelves

Automatic Defrost - SpillMizerâ„¢ Glass Shelves

This Whirlpool top-freezer refrigerator is the ideal companion for those small kitchens and people living alone, who need a well designed but compact unit. This refrigerator has smooth stylish-looking contoured doors.

Inside you will find a full width crisper which gives plenty of space for fresh fruit and vegetables as well as SpillMizer glass shelves, which contain sticky spillages in your unit.
This is a refrigerator that is ADA compliant, which is designed to assist people with disabilities and has full width freezer storage and an automatic defrost system, which removed the need for manual defrosting.

    Interior Features

  • The shelves in the REFRIGERATOR compartment are adjustable SpillMizer Glass Shelves, which keep spills from dripping through to lower shelves, making it easier to cleanup any spillages, while their transparent design gives the interior of the refrigerator a fresher, brighter appearance.
  • The Full-Width Humidity Controlled Crisper help you to all you have stored inside without the need to open it up and it is designed to keep your fruit and salad produce much fresher and crisper for much longer.
  • There is Fixed Refrigerator Door Storage and it is illuminated with standard interior lighting.
  • There is both Full-Width Adjustable Wire Freezer Shelf and Full-Width Fixed Freezer Door Storage in the FREEZER section and an Automatic Defrost System takes away the tedious task of defrosting the freezer unit. This system comes with a timer, a limit switch and a heater that melts away any build up of frost, so you do not have to empty the freezer first. The Temperature controls in this refrigerator are Rear Mounted.

      Exterior Features

  • This Whirlpool refrigerator is available in FOUR great colors: Black on Black (ET0MSRXTB) Satina Stainless Look (ET0MSRXTL) White on White (ET0MSRXTQ) and Universal Silver (ET0MSRXTD)
  • This model comes with a lovely smooth door finish and integrated handles, which means that there are no protruding parts, and which give a lovely uninterrupted aspect to this unit,

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 7/8 Inches
    Height: 60 3/8 Inches
    Width: 24 Inches
    Freezer Capacity: 2.7 Cu. Ft.
    Refrigerator Capacity: 7.0 Cu. Ft.
    Total Capacity: 9.6 Cu. Ft.


  • Many customers found this to be a very well designed refrigerator that fitted into small narrow spaces, while looking stylish. Many were delighted that fridge magnets stuck to the Satina model.
  • The SpillMizer glass shelves are very useful as they contain any spills and prevent any leaking onto the shelves below and it also means that it is easier to clean up spillages.
  • One further advantage is the auto defrost system which includes a timer switch has a limit switch as well as a heater that switches on at the appropriate time to defrost the build up of ice.


  • The crisper was found to be too large for many customers, and at times making it too heavy, and felt that this was a waste of space that could be better utilized. It was considered that the design could have been better in this area.
  • The combination of the small size and good looks of this unit was something that a number of customers commented on.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • space for taller items
  • nice and quiet
  • hold temperature well
  • magnets stick to the cabinet
  • customized shelving
  • energy efficient
  • great price
  • good for smaller spaces
  • great in a narrow kitchen or lobby
  • well designed
  • smooth curves and good looks

  • no Energy Star
  • shoddy workmanship
  • not enough shelf space in the door
  • crisper too large

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