Scoolers Texas Longhorns Ice Maker (up to 33 lbs. of ice in 24 hours) (ZB-15TEX)

Ice cubes ready in under 10 minutes

Ice cubes ready in under 10 minutes

If you like Texas and you want to show it off in one more way, you can get the Scoolers brand Ice Maker.

It has the colors and the logo of my favorite college foot ball team. Besides the logo,

I like how the outside is pretty easy to keep clean.

I keep this in my basement bar and everyone likes it. It can make a fresh batch of ice within about 10 minutes.

It can keep up with my Monday night foot ball parties and my Friday night house parties.

It doesn't require you to hook it up to the water lines so you don't have to gut you walls just to hook it up.

Also, I like how the side drain isn't that noticeable.

The maker can be portable but I love it too much to allow it to go anywhere else.

There are a couple things I don't like about this ice machine. I wish that it said Texas name was on the front and not on the door.

The other thing is that the color scheme is a little bit brighter. The gray needs too be a little more darker. The orange needs to be a bit more brighter.

If they fixed those small issues, this would be a perfect gift.

They also make this Ice Maker for other sports teams so your not just stuck with Texas, thou there isn't anything wrong with other teams.

This machine would be a good addition to any home bar.

  • Shows off my favorite college team.
  • Makes Ice pretty darn fast.
  • This machine works great!

  • The colors need to be a little better.
  • I wish the name wasn't on the door.
    I would rate this as : 4 out of 5

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