STAINLESS Frigidaire Professional FPUH19D7LF upright Freezer Color 19 cu ft (SpaceWise™ Organization System)

Energy Star® : Sabbath Mode :  Star K :  ‘Twins” With Refrigerator

Energy Star® : Sabbath Mode : Star K : ‘Twins” With Refrigerator

This Frigidaire freezer is in the PROFESSIONAL range and stored up to 19 cu ft of frozen food. The FPUH19D7LF is a stylish Stainless all freezer that can be paired with an all refrigerator unit.

There is a very extensive range of SpaceWise door bins, glass shelves, drawers and baskets, which combine into an excellent storage organization system.
This Energy Star® unit also comes with a Sabbath/ holiday mode which is an additional energy saving feature and being Star K compliant, this is a freezer that is specially designed of help people with disabilities to access the freezer more easily. Bright Lighting and a Door Alarm all combine to make this a very feature full freezer.

    Interior Features

  • This is a freezer that comes with LOADs of shelving options, including BASKETS in the door and, with the lower basket being a roll-Out Wire Baskets.
  • There are a good range and variety of storage options with the SpaceWise™ Organization System, which includes TILT OUT Wire Door Bins, full width storage drawers, for quick and easy storage and a SLIDING GLASS SHELF, Which can accommodate really large and boxed items… up to 26” in width.
  • The ENHANCED LIGHTING in the freezer makes it so easy to find what you are looking for in the highly illuminated freezer cabinet.
  • This is a FROST FREE freezer and so there is none of the messy chore of defrosting the cabinet,
  • LEVELING LEGS enable you to house this freezer on an uneven surface or mount it with the matching refrigerator.
  • This is an Energy Star® certified freezer and so you will be sure to save up to about 20% on your energy bills, while being reassured that your freezer is an environmentally friendly unit.
  • Not only Energy Star® compliant but this STYLISH looking freezer come with SABBATH / HOLIDAY MODE as well as being Star K® Certified, which means that it is designed to assist people with disabilities.
  • One additional features is the DOOR AJAR ALARM, which alerts you if the temperature rises to an unsafe level.

      Exterior Features

  • This is a pure quality freezer, being real STAINLESS STEEL, which comes with a protective coat which reduces finger prints and smudges from everyday use, making it so EASY TO CLEAN.
  • The stylish FPUH19D7LF has a built in look as it can be paired with its companion Stainless Steel for All-Refrigerator (FPRH19D7LF) to have a Side-by-Side configuration and an optional coordinated Double Louvered TRIM KIT (TRIMKITEZ2) may be purchased separately.
  • The stainless door handle is a sturdy GRAB HANDLE.
  • Ventilation grills are located at the base of the unit.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 ½ Inches
    Height: 71 3/8 Inches
    Width: 32 Inches
    Total Volume: 19 Cu. Ft.


  • This is a feature packed freezer, which has the advantage of a GREAT STORAGE SYSTEM, which helps to make storage and retrieval of your frozen foods so much simpler and easier.
  • Being ENERGY STAR® compliant is a real advantage as you know that this is not only a freezer that will save up to 20% off your energy costs, but is also an environmentally friendly unit.
  • Having the option of pairing this all freezer with a COMPANION REFRIGERATOR was a great plus for customers.
  • The GOOD LOOKS of this freezer was a big plus with customers and coming in a Stainless Steel finish is a real advantage as there are not many COLOR OPTIONS in all freezers.


  • This is a very expensive looking freezer and this is reflected in the rather high price, which is likely to put it out of the reach of those on a tight budget.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • great looking
  • stainless steel finish
  • great combo option
  • nice organization system
  • sliding shelf
  • excellent lighting system
  • Energy Star®
  • Sabbath mode
  • Sar K Rated
  • door alarm

  • quite expensive

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