Stainless KitchenAid KBFS20EVMS Freestanding Counter-Depth French-Door Refrigerator 19.7 cu ft

Internal Water Dispenser : Ice Maker : Electronic Controls

Internal Water Dispenser : Ice Maker : Electronic Controls

The KBFS20EVMS is a counter depth FRENCH DOOR fridge that sports a number of features that are designed to keep food fresh and clean. The unit comes with FreshChill Temperature Management System and Humidity-Controlled CRISPERS. All these features are housed in a casing with a smooth monochromatic stainless steel.

    Interior Features

  • The FreshChill Temperature Management System keeps the interior temperatures at the IDEAL LEVELS to ensure maximum freshness. This works with the FreshSeal HUMIDITY-CONTROLLED CRISPERS that keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

  • Ingredients are also kept fresh by STORAGE COMPARTMENTS designed especially to store food ingredients. Two PULL OUT Freezer Baskets are available and facilitate EASY Viewing and Cleaning of the freezer.
  • Energy Star-rated, this freestanding refrigerator uses Less ENERGY and allows savings on utility bills.

      Exterior Features

  • This KitchenAid refrigerator is available in THREE great colors:- Black (KBFS20EVBL) White (KBFS20EVWH) and Monochromic Stainless (KBFS20EVMS)
  • The unit sports Designer Hinges that allow you to open the doors beyond the width of the refrigerator. The unit exterior is made of clean and SLEEK LINES and panels made of smooth stainless steel.
  • The freezer door is located at the bottom.
  • The KBFS20EVMS sports 'sculptured' door handles that provide an easy grip. Double doors help i Saving ENERGY because you can open one door at a time.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 29 inches
    Height: 69 15/16 inches
    Width: 35 5/8 inches
    Total capacity: 19.7 cu. ft.


  • The DESIGNER HINGES allow the doors to open beyond the width of the unit without interfering with the countertops to make putting in and taking out of items very easy to do.
  • The French door design gives a lot of advantages, among them power saving and EASY ACCESS to frozen food. The items in the fridge are also VISIBLE at eye level.
  • The unit's door compartments help reduce the need for FRIDGE SPACE. Beverages and dairy products as well as eggs can be CONVENIENTLY located in the door.
  • Freezer items are EASY To Retrieve because they are not located above your head.
  • The proximity of the freezer to the compressor eases the pressure off the compressor and helps REDUCE POWER NEEDS.
  • NARROWER doors do not need a lot of space clearance, making this unit suitable for crowded spaces.
  • The COUNTER DEPTH design of this unit means that it can be Installed Flush with the rest of the cabinetry so you conserve a lot of KITCHEN SPACE and give a SEAMLESS LOOK that ties in the rest of the kitchen furniture.


  • The unit may NOT be very suitable for Elderly users who find it hard to bend all the time or those who use frozen food items on a regular basis.
  • The side by side design is NOT well suited for those who tend to keep Large And Wide Items in the refrigerator, including cookie pans and pizza boxes.
  • The side by side model is more EXPENSIVE compared to other models.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • doors open beyond width of the unit
  • saves a lot of power
  • narrow doors do not need a lot of clearance
  • conserve lots of kitchen space with flush design

  • not suited for large and wide items
  • more expensive compared to other models

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