Stainless Steel Frigidaire (FPUS2686LF) Side-By-Side Dispensing Refrigerator 26 cu.ft.

Energy Star® and Energy Saver Plus Cycle

Energy Star® and Energy Saver Plus Cycle

The Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF refrigerator model from Frigidaire is the epitome of modernization with spacious storage spaces, side-by-side doors, and stainless steel finish.

It is also good to know that such a refrigerator also enables fresh, clean water and competent cooling all within the Energy Star standards.

The Frigidaire model is not only affordable to operate but also has a reasonable price tag.

    Main Key Features

  • The Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF offers ample storage space at 26 cubic feet.
  • The freezer has a 9.5 cubic feet capacity, which is ideal for storing plenty of frozen goods.
  • The model has two side-by-side doors and is encased in polished stainless steel.
  • The stainless steel finish is elegant and modern
  • The refrigerator boasts of large crisper drawers to store more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The crisper drawers have humidity controls that ensure prolonged freshness.
  • The FPUS2686LF produces cleaner and fresher-tasting water because of its superb filtration system.
  • The refrigerator is easy to operate, with the use of push buttons.
  • Performance lighting allows consumers to see all the contents in exceptional clarity.
  • Aside from being Energy Star-qualified, the appliance also has an energy saving cycle.
  • The refrigerator has SpillSafe shelves, which contain the messes and spills within the compartment where the spill occurred. This allows for easy cleanups.
  • With its Quiet Design, consumers can barely hear the humming associated with refrigerators and other appliances.
  • Its $1,300 plus to $1,700 plus price range is reasonable and affordable for the features that it offers.
  • The dispenser makes water, crushed ice, and cubed ice readily available.
  • The refrigerator has specialized shelves, such as the ice cream shelf and the pizza shelf.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 33"
    Height 69-3/8"
    Width 36" W
    Capacity 26 Cu. Ft


  • The Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF offers huge space for keeping fresher food items.
  • The humidity controls are the ones that make the big space worth it by truly preserving the freshness.
  • Even the water and ice are clean and fresh. The refrigerator model from Frigidaire operates in relative silence and with little energy required.
  • It is, as a whole, easy to clean with the help of spill-safe shelves and good divisions or compartments.
  • Pricing may be over a thousand dollars but it is still reasonable for a refrigerator of its size and capability.


  • There's not much to complain about the Side-By-Side FPUS2686LF from Frigidaire.
  • The most that consumers can worry about is where to fit in this huge refrigerator.
  • The large storage space owes more to the huge frame than to true space-saving features.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • keeps fruits and vegetables fresh through humidity controls
  • dispenses fresh and clean water and ice
  • rust-free finish
  • elegant, polished look
  • large storage space
  • easy to clean
  • has professional lighting
  • operates with an almost imperceptible hum
  • Energy Star-qualified
  • saves energy through special cycle
  • reasonable price

  • its bulky frame may not good for many kitchen setups
  • should have depended more on space-saving

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    Aug 03, 2011
    Frigidaire "Professional" doesn't live up to its name!
    by: Anonymous

    Frigidaire Professional (26 CF) side-by-side is supposed to be the upgrade from Frigidaire Gallery but it's not in this unit. The entire unit is NOT encased in stainless steel. Only the doors are. The rest is grey.
    The models seem to be very inconsistent depending on who you buy them from. You may get a wine rack, you may not. You may get a can holder for the door, you may not.

    All of the plastic used for drawers and door containers is CHEAP! The "chill" drawer is so hard to open and close and if you force it, you may crack the cheap, thin and loud plastic. Gone are those thick and sturdy white drawers of the past. These are clear and they are so thin and so flimsy.
    For a "professional" series, the unit as a whole is also louder than the 19-year-old fridge that came with this house we just bought. We got rid of it but it was running just fine. This one's compressor is MUCH louder.

    The worst feature is the water dispenser on the freezer door. The little plastic tray will not stay put no matter what you do. It's so cheaply made and not well designed so it constantly falls out. If you leave it out, the dripping will accumulate and not have the option of pouring it out in the sink. Yes, the water dispenser always drips after you stop it and the ice dispenser will always shoot out little pieces of crushed even though you choose "cubes."
    VERY disappointed for the price point but more so because of the very misleading name, implying it's even better than the gallery series. :-(

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