STAINLESS STEEL Frigidaire Gallery (FGHT2146K) 206 cu ft Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Energy Star (Left and Right Open Option)( also comesin black and white)

Energy Star (Left and Right Open Option)( also comesin black and white)

FGHT2146KF and FGHT2146KR(right) real stainless steel protective coating that reduces fingerprints and smudges. It is a top freezer refrigerator which had a good range of features-

    Interior Features

  • This come with a great shelving organization system including two, transparent humidity-controlled crisper drawers, which keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer.

  • There is a useful deli drawer and dairy compartment with a clear dairy door.
  • The easy clean shelving help to keep food better organized and the glass SpillSafe feature makes cleaning little spills up really easy.
  • There is good bright lighting, which with duel-level lighting, making it really easy to see what’s inside.
  • There are a range of other containers and shelving all designed help you to use your refrigerator to its best advantage.
    The freezer compartment is equally well designed with I clear door bin, 1 full-width wire shelf, 1 tilt out door bin and a good freezer light to illumine the content for easy access.
  • This model is both ENERGY STAR® Qualified meeting government standards and also CSA certified.
  • This is designed to run quietly

      Exterior Features

  • The door come in a tall, UltraSoft™ real stainless steel, complete with stainless steel handle, black door hinge covers.
  • There is a color-coordinated toe grill at the base, adjustable front rollers and rear rollers, should it be necessary to move he cabinet.
  • The stainless steel model featured comes in two further finishes including Pearl White (FGHT2146KP) and Ebony Black (FGHT2146KE). The stainless finish can be purchased with ether RIGHT (FGHT2146KR) or LEFT (FGHT2146KF) hinged door for convenience.

      Dimension Specifications

    Height 69”
    Width 30”
    Depth 31 ¾”
    Total Volume: 21 cu. ft


  • It is a good advantage to have a model that give the opportunity of the door opening left or right
  • Good range of innovative and well-designed shelving and bins to make storage not only easy to organize but fun as well!
  • The read stainless finish is not only stylish but has a protective coating that reduces smudges and fingerprints to a minimum, making it very easy to clean and keep looking as good as new.


    It has been found that in some cases there is a loud popping noise although the actual compressor is extremely quiet. This is unfortunate and may need to be explored before purchasing.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Adjustable split glass shelves
  • Light in the freezer Option for L/R opening door
  • Protective coating, eliminating finger marks
  • Quiet design
  • Spill safe shelves
  • Reasonably priced

  • Loud popping noise

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    Sep 10, 2010
    A good all-round refrigerator
    by: Anonymous

    This is your traditional top freezer design, but it is packed with features that make organizing and cleanup almost effortless. It has a capacity of 20.6 cu. ft, which is a good size and a freezer capacity of 5.25 cu ft. which is a tad small.

    Nice bright lighting heals you with easy visibility no matter what time of day or night!!! The spill-safe shelves make cleaning up as effortless.

    The humidity-controlled crisper drawers are good for keeping fresh items such as fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens, stay fresher for longer.

    The Spill Safe Shelves are designed specifically to contain spills, which makes cleaning up much easier.

    The bright lighting does improves visibility and gives a convenient and instant access to your favorite food.

    The quiet design certainly eliminates noise and vibration giving a peaceful operation.

    It is Energy Star-rated so you get reasonably

    It is a nice attractive stainless steel color makes and looks cool in the kitchen.

    There are sliding shelves, fixed shelves, and separate dairy compartment keep your food stuff organized - so it pretty easy to keep organised

    The wine and can rack is a convenient feature for bottled and canned provisions.

    The ice maker feature allows you to make ice conveniently.

    ? good lighting
    ? nice shelves and crisper drawers
    ? Energy Star rated
    ? environmentally friendly

    ? freezer could be larger

    Sep 10, 2010
    A traditional yet features packed refrigerator
    by: Anonymous

    This traditional but feature-packed refrigerator from Frigidaire has a range of advantages.

    First off, it contains crisper drawers with humidity control features that help keep your fresh food fresher for longer.

    The shelves also come with the spill-safe feature, so that cleaning up is always effortless, allowing you to save on more clean-up time.

    The bright lighting makes everything within your fridge cleaner and brighter, without eating up your energy consumption.

    It is a quiet design, which is a big advantage.

    This refrigerator also has excellent shelving options, such as sliding shelves, fixed shelves, and a separate dairy compartment that allows for easy storing and organization.

    The separate meat drawer is perfect for frozen meats, while the wine and can rack accommodate all your favorite and canned provisions.

    Energy efficiency is another clear advantage of this Frigidaire creation. It's is Energy Star-rate as as well be more economical and environment-friendly - is does save power on energy consumption

    The ice maker is also useful, one feature which is just perfect for cocktail parties and impromptu house dinners.

    It comes in an attractive stainless steel color i a classically-designed.

    There is minimal freezer space, compared to other models with wider freezer storage, which is a bit of a disadvantage.

    ? bright lighting
    ? spill safe shelving
    ? humidity-controlled crisper drawers
    ? energy-efficient
    ? eco- friendly

    ? minimal freezer space
    ? not approved for outdoor use
    ? not approved for commercial use

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