STAINLESS STEEL GE Monogram ZIRS360NXRH Upright Refrigerator STAINLESS (Long Tubular Handle) 21.5 cu ft

 Energy Star : Electronic Controls : Enhanced Temp. Management

Energy Star : Electronic Controls : Enhanced Temp. Management

Like the Monogram range of refrigerator and freezer the Premium Grade STAINLESS STEEL GE Monogram ZIRS360NXRH will give your kitchen grace and elegance with excellent functionality and great features. With the elegant Monogram signature on the handle this is a refrigerator that has an Enhanced Temperature Management System, which keeps your food in tip top condition for longer. Not only that, but there are a wide range of great storage options and as many are adjustable you can arrange the layout of your refrigerator interior to your own convenience.

The automatic defrost, enhanced halogen lighting and adjustable rollers are just a few of the great features on the Energy Star® compliant refrigerator.

    Interior Features

  • This GOOD LOOKING sleek Stainless refrigerator comes with precise Upfront ELECTRONIC DIGITAL Temperature Display electronic controls and thermistors, which is part of the Enhanced TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT System , designed to maintain ideal storage conditions for all your fresh foods.
  • Your refrigerator is well lit up, throughout the entire cabinet, with the Concealed HALOGEN LIGHTING System.
  • You may be sure of an energy efficient refrigerator as well as an environmentally friendly cabinet as this comes with ENERGY STAR® Qualification.
  • You will have peace of mind with this refrigerator knowing that all you food will be preserved and kept at peak freshness with the HUMIDITY-CONTROLLED Compartments and Sealed Snack Drawers.
  • You can keep all your platter food and party fare beautifully arranged and kept chilled until the appointed time on the Adjustable Spillproof GLASS SHELVES.
  • An AUTOMATIC DEFROST feature means that there will be no need of any defrosting in the future as this is done automatically.
    Additional feature include : 6 Adjustable CABINET shelves, 10 DOOR shelves.. two of which can hold GALLON containers; 2 Large with Full-Extension Wire Baskets and an Automatic ICE-MAKER DRAWER.

      Exterior Features

  • The INTEGRATED appearance of this Premium-Grade Stainless Steel refrigerator is enhanced with the smooth lines of the unit wrapping beautifully around the refrigerator edges.
  • The slim tubular HANDLE in this refrigerator is enhanced by the GE Monogram signature.
  • The GE (ZIRS360NXRH) REFRIGERATOR comes with a RIGHT HAND door and can be beautifully teamed up with the GE (ZIFS360NXRH) FREEZER. You also have an option of an identical LEFT HAND swing REFRIGERATOR (ZIRS360NXLH) which similarly has a counterpart in the (ZIFS360NXLH) FREEZER.
  • all these cabinets you have the convenience of a door that open to 130°.
  • Mobility is much easier with ALL these cabinets as they all come with Adjustable Rollers on the base.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 ¾ Inches
    Height: 84 Inches
    Width: 36 Inches
    Total Volume: 21.5 Cu. Ft.


  • As with all Monogram this is a style that can be blended with a range of other MONOGRAM KITCHEN appliances to give your kitchen a really great INTEGRATED LOOK.
  • This enhanced management temperature system is a great advantage keeping your fresh food at the OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE to ensure the freshest produce for longer.
  • The lighting system is a great advantage, lighting up the whole cabinet and making it easy to see where everything is.
  • The whole RANGE of BINS BASKETS and CADDIES make organizing the refrigerator so simple and what an advantage to have all the ice you need in an easy access drawer!
  • Making ENERGY SAVING of up to 20% is an advantage with the refrigerator due to the Energy Star® partnership they have with GE.
  • Having shelves that are made of SPILL PROOF GLASS is as advantageous as accidentals spills are dealt with quickly and easily.
  • Probably one of the main delights that customers have is that this is such a good looking refrigerator, which can be teamed up with a MATCHING FREEZER .


  • Although this has the advantage of being Energy Star® it does not have the ADA or Star K labels that many more expensive refrigerator tend to have.
  • This is a fairly pricey refrigerator so may be out of the price range for some people.
  • It was noted that there is no lock on this refrigerator customers.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • up front digital display
  • electronic controls
  • automatic ice maker, good range of shelves etc
  • auto defrost
  • Energy Star®
  • movable rollers
  • good door swing
  • integrated design

  • pricey
  • not ADA compliant
  • shelved don?t slide
  • no water dispenser
  • no lock

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