Stainless Steel LG LMX28987ST 4-Door French Door Refrigerator Auto-Opening Freezer Doors

Energy Star® : 12.6-inch tall dispenser

Energy Star® : 12.6-inch tall dispenser

This LG LMX28987ST is some refrigerator as is designed with two freezer drawers that automatically open and close. This Energy Star® compliant, 4-door French door refrigerator is also 'ultra accommodating' as it has a 12.6" tall ice and water dispenser and having a capacity of 28 cubic feet, there is ample room to store all your favorite food and drink in a sophisticated stainless unit which is a high performing model.

Other innovative features include the humidity controlled crisper, Spill Protector tempered glass shelves; LED lighting and humidity controlled crispers.

    Interior Features

  • This very swish and sophisticated refrigerator is the ultimate in performance, enabling you to open the two freezer drawers with the simple touch of a button on the controls, situated to the left of the tall ice and water dispenser.
  • The ice and water dispenser is almost 13" tall and can accommodate really big-size tumblers and jugs with the touch of a button on the electronic touchpad. Whether tall of tiny this ice and water dispenser fills all sizes easily with ice cold pure filtered water.
  • The interior of the REFRIGERATOR cabinet is airy and spacious with a good range of door bins that can accommodate gallon containers and cartons and as some are adjustable you can arrange the door storage to your own requirements.
  • The refrigerator compartment is fitted with four split shelves, three of which are slide-out shelves and one is a folding shelf that enables you to fold it down when you have tall items that need to be kept in cool. These cantilever are Spill Protector and made of tempered glass, which prevent spills from leaking to lower shelves, but containing the spillage on the one shelf.
  • The crisper drawers are transparent so that you can easily and quickly see all that you have stored inside and being humidity controlled they keep all your fresh fruit and salads in tip top crisp freshness for much longer.
  • The FREEZER compartment is equally a innovatively designed with a swing door enclosing the ice system, which is at eye-level on the left side of the refrigerator compartment.
  • This is a very quiet running model and has the LoDecibel operation. It is also energy efficient having the Energy Star status which makes a saving of up to about 15% on your fuel bills.
  • The temperature controls are a LED digital display with 6 sensors to give so you can easily alter interior temperature with a quick touch.
  • Other features include:- a child lock, a door alarm, LED lighting, a water filtration system, a the multi-air cooling system, dairy corner bin in the door and a Glide N'Serve-Drawer.

      Exterior Features

  • This LG French-door refrigerator only comes in Stainless Steel.
  • The door are gently contoured and insulated with foam - and also have hidden hinges, a toe grill and matching commercial handles.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 47 5/8 Inches
    Height: 69 ¾ Inches
    Width: 44 ¼ Inches
    Refrigerator Capacity 18.8 cu. ft.
    Freezer Capacity 8.7 cu. ft.
    Total Capacity 27.6 cu. ft


  • S ome customers commented that having the two freezer drawers was a real advantage as they could be easily organized by using the top drawers for food that was more short storage produce.
  • Customers felt that the interior of both compartments were very easy to organize with bright lighting and transparent containers, making it so easy to find things more easily.
  • It was noted that quite a number of customers that purchased this refrigerator considered it to be the best purchase they had ever made.


  • It was noted by some customers that when the two freezer drawers were evenly loaded they tended to make a bit of a vibrating noise.
  • It was noted that the meat drawer was one long drawer rather than a split double-drawer, which customers felt would be easier to open and close.
  • One customer commented that it was quite difficult to get large cartons out of the gallon door bins as there was low clearance with the bin above.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • delighted
  • automatic freezer drawers are a dream
  • stainless finish look great
  • best purchase ever made!
  • beautiful good looks
  • lashings of space
  • great ice and water dispenser
  • great double freezer drawers
  • easy access
  • good consistent temperature control
  • space age looks
  • outstanding lighting
  • great size extra tall dispenser

  • freezer drawers sometimes make vibrating noise
  • ice drops to the floor
  • low door bin clearance
  • one long meat drawer

  • Comments for Stainless Steel LG LMX28987ST 4-Door French Door Refrigerator Auto-Opening Freezer Doors

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    Feb 01, 2012
    auto drawer problems
    by: optional

    The auto drawers hit hard when they open then immediately close on me. I fight keeping them open while I try to retrieve items from them. Wish I hadn't got this feature. I would turn it off if I knew how.

    Sep 26, 2011
    freezer drawers
    by: Anonymous

    6 months old freezer drawers fixed 6x by lg bought back by lg deemed unrepairable. no wonder this hunk has been discontinued.

    Dec 31, 2010
    by: Anonymous

    the automatic doors dont seal compleetly and crust with ice
    ice falls on the floor and covers sliders

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