STAINLESS Whirlpool® Sidekick® Upright Freezer 17.7 cu ft EV188NYWS

Energy Star® : Frost Free :  Adjustable Shelving

Energy Star® : Frost Free : Adjustable Shelving

You will probably fall in love with this stunning 17.7 cu ft capacity Stainless Steel All-Freezer, which is part of the Sidekick® range and which can be paired with its All-Refrigerator twin - giving a total capacity of 35.4 cu ft.

It comes with a good range of excellent features like Frost-Free Defrosting, Interior Light for excellent visibility, as well as a good variety of adjustable shelving and storage bins. Being Energy Star® compliant you will save on your energy costs too.

    Interior Features

  • This ENERGY STAR® Qualified All-Freezer uses up to less that 10% on your house energy costs than a freezer without this feature - and it is also ECO-friendly.
  • Another feature of the EV188NYWS is its FROST-FREE DESIGN. This means that it makes use of a system with a timer, heater, and temperature sensor. Depending on temperature levels of the refrigerator, the system will turn on the heating coil to melt ice formations and ensure that no frost builds up in the fridge. No more worrying about defrosting.
  • You get 4 Adjustable Slide Out GLASS SHELVES, an Adjustable Mid Basket, a BOTTOM Storage Basket.
  • In the door there are SIX Adjustable DOOR BINS that you can move horizontally and place in the perfect configuration that you want as well as ONE lower door GALLON shelf.
  • The TEMPERATURE Controls are right up-front and so are within easy reach , making adjusting the temperature a simple operation.
  • One great feature is the FAST FREEZE Setting, which not only freezes large quantities of food rapidly, which this process allows the freezer to run almost continuously, providing air that is 10 degrees colder than the lowest setting to ensure FLAST FLASH FREEZING.
  • As well as good illumination with the interior light this model also comes with ICE-MAKING capability.

      Exterior Features

  • This wonderful Whirlpool Freezer is available in TWO great colors:- White-on-White (EV188NYWQ) and, Stainless Steel (EV188NYWS), as shown here. Both have an option to be paired up with their counterpart - a Whirlpool® Sidekick® All-Refrigerator:- White on white (EV88NYWQ),and Stainless (EV88NYWS), effectively giving a 35.4 cubic footage "Side-by-Side" cold storage facility.
  • The door has a very stylish Flat Smooth finish and a long sleek grab self-colored handle. The four rollers on the base make it easier to move should this be necessary.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 31 Inches
    Height: 66 ½ Inches
    Width: 30 Inches
    Total Volume: 17.7 Cu. Ft.
    Weight 77,56 kg


  • Having the option of pairing a 17.7 capacity freezer with its equivalent 'TWIN' refrigerator is a great advantage and something that customers have found very useful.
  • Being Energy Star® this is a freezer that will make savings on your energy bills and you can know that you are running to an ECO-friendly appliance.
  • Having so many adjustable shelves is very useful as it allows you to organize your freezer to your own particular requirements. Having a magnetic door seal is a real advantage as it gives a real tight seal - keeping in the cold.
  • Though there is no practical advantage - this certainly is a very good looking freezer, which will look good in any environment.


  • The advantage of being able to pair this with a similar refrigerator seems a bit pointless if the door swing is not reversible
  • There is no temperature alarm, which is such a useful feature on a freezer as one does not check the freezer as often as a refrigerator.
  • There is NO lock and key system in this freezer, which is a useful safety feature with children.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Pairing with Sidekick refrigerator
  • frost free defrosting
  • Energy Star®
  • interior light
  • magnetic door seal
  • good range of shelving and bins
  • nice looking

  • no reversible door
  • no temperature alarm
  • no On/Off power light
  • no lower storage gate
  • no lock or key

  • Comments for STAINLESS Whirlpool® Sidekick® Upright Freezer 17.7 cu ft EV188NYWS

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Highly Recommended
    by: Anonymous

    When my husband and I moved into our new home, we
    really needed to update the kitchen, including purchasing all new appliances. We wanted something easy to clean and that was not going to get filthy over years of use, so we went searching for stainless steel appliances and found the Whirlpool line of refrigerators, which I really loved because they were all EnergyStar efficient and I"m a huge green freak.

    Because I am a 'family' size shopper, I try to buy things in bulk when they are on sale and found, while living in small apartments with miniscule freezer space, that I hated having absolutely no room in my freezer for anything. I had made the decision to purchase a freezer chest when we moved into our new home. However, after looking at what Whirlpool offered in their stainless steel collection, my husband and I decided on a full standing freezer to match a full standing refrigerator for our newly remodeled kitchen.

    The pricing was great for the product we received; I believe we paid around $900 for the standing freezer, as we went when there was a huge sale at a local retailer and I am more than impressed with this freezer.

    First of all, I make wet food for my dogs, and I like to make that in bulk (around 3 months worth at a time); and because I have the freezer space, I can now make the full 3 months worth and separate them into weekly containers and defrost when needed.

    The shelves are GREAT because I can move them around and adjust their heights and this is the same for the door bins, although I have yet to use the oddly shaped bin on the lower part of the door.

    The machine also has an ice maker, but you need to activate it in advance should you need ice in a hurry, but it works, so that's all that matters. My husband insists on purchasing a huge rack of ribs for July 4th weekend every year and I am so grateful that we have this freezer just for that purpose alone!

    I would recommend this product to anyone and would rate it a 5 out of 5.

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