Sub Zero 611G/P Over-Under Refrigerator

New BI series model BI-30UG replaces previous model Sub-Zero 611G/S  and other 611 models

New BI series model BI-30UG replaces previous model Sub-Zero 611G/S and other 611 models

Sub Zero 611G/P I purchased the Sub Zero 611G/P brand new in 2007.

I noticed my energy bill go down by ten dollars by the next month. I am extremely happy with the amount of storage inside the fridge, even though there are no shelves on the door. The freezer is rather small though and boxed frozen dinners do not fit in very well. The finish of the refrigerator is the Platinum.

The color is a lovely slightly blondish metallic silver. I find that I need to clean it very often with metal polish, or it will show many dirt marks. I have forgotten to clean it for a few weeks and now I find that there are some permanent stains on the finish that will not come off. The louvers along the top of the refrigerator are extremely hard to clean.

Grease gets sucked in and onto them, an they are so high up that they are hard to reach. The glass doors are very easy to clean with a premium glass cleaner. The inside glass does fog up when cleaned, but drying it quickly with a dry cloth solves that problem.

The shelves are very strong and are very easily removable and adjustable. They are also extremely easy to clean, and since they are glass, they are resistant to scratches. I find that fresh fruits and vegetables last on average abut three times longer than they did in my old fridge. Also I have never had any cheese or dairy product form mold, and I've had this machine for over 3 years now.

I give this refrigerator 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Less energy consumption than a standard refrigerator half it's size
  • Keeps food fresh far longer than standard refrigerator.

  • Incredible amount of work goes into cleaning it.
  • Gaskets have torn after only 3 years.

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