Subzero 315 Wine Cooler 26 bottles (Glass Door/Stainless) (400 Series)

  All Wine : 15

All Wine : 15

I chose this model wine cooler for my bar because I have been so pleased with my sub zero side by side refrigerator. I really believe in the brand, as it's reputation is an accurate indication of the performance of the products which carry it's name.

I chose this model because I keep a modest amount of wine on hand, and typically store whites. This model is small and fits well under the bar. It is single temperature, so can only store one kind of wine, which may be unattractive to some. But for my needs, this unit is the perfect side. Like any appliance, the appearance of the wine cooler was a huge priority,

The bar is where I entertain guests and must be functional and attractive. The stainless steel, glass front door gives the cooler a clean, modern look, while the cherry shelves warm up the aesthetic.

The drawers pull out generously and the wine is easy to remove. I really appreciate the ease of wine removal, as the shelves of my last unit often got stuck.

This cooler was somewhat difficult to instal because it is not a uniform size, and I had to have a custom nook built. The other con about this unit was the price. Sub Zero products are very expensive, but always prove to be worth the investment. To some, the small size could be a con, but it has fit my needs perfectly.

If I were faced again with the decision to purchase a wine cooler, I would choose the same, as this is a high quality product with a desirable look. It has truly enhanced the look of my bar area and is serving me well.

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