Sunpentown IM-120S Portable Ice Maker - Stainless Steel

3 different ice cube sizes

3 different ice cube sizes

SPT Portable Ice Maker My fiancé and I recently purchased this Sunpentown Portable Ice Maker and have enjoyed ice cold beverages ever since without the hassle of having to refill ice trays, that is if you remembered to refill the ice tray, or purchasing ice which is insane. While the purchase of an ice maker was a luxury for us, we could not deny how useful and well this piece of equipment worked.

This portable ice maker was so compact so having this in our small apartment was not a problem. We also loved the fact that it required no installation. We are both full time students and also have part time jobs, so anything that can save us time is so valuable to us. This ice maker can produce three different ice cube sizes and can produce a 35lbs of ice in only an hour.

This gives me plenty of time to get dinner prepared then have ice cubes ready for drinks, or smoothie. Making smoothies is another reason we decided to purchase the SPT Portable Ice Maker because we both love making smoothies with the fruit that we grow and buy locally at farmers markets.

However, with our old system of using ice trays we never had enough ice to make a proper smoothie and still have ice left over for use later. The only two complaints I have our that I wish it was a little larger at times and that it was more energy efficient.

However, neither of this complaints are actually attributed to the products functionality, just a few specifications I would change. Overall, I would give this Sunpentown Portable Ice maker 5 stars out of 5 because it really has made our lives easier and has cut us down on costs, paying for itself in a few uses.

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