Sunpentown (IM-150US) STAINLESS Under-the-Counter Thermo-Electric Ice Maker (up to 12 lbs of ice daily)

Stores up to 6 lbs of ice

Stores up to 6 lbs of ice

The Sunpentown Under-the-counter Thermo-Electric Ice maker is a compact, stainless steel ice maker that can make up to 12 pounds of ice a day, perfect for anyone with a home bar or who just use a lot of ice.

It can store up to six pounds of ice and comes with accessories like a small ice scoop and reversible door (so that it can be installed to open on either side). Some of the best qualities of the Sunpentown ice maker is that it?s compact and designed to be installed as either a built in or free standing ice maker. It will easily fit under a cabinet or bar to be used as a built it but is cute enough to be used free standing as well.

The unit is also extremely quiet because of the small but effective fan system, so it can be installed pretty much anywhere without any added noise. However, the downside of the Sunpentown ice maker is that is has to be installed by a professional plumber.

The water line that it requires to be connected involves a special splitter and connector that can not be self installed. The ice maker also does not include an automatic defrost, which means that it must be defrosted manually. This can be a bit of a hassle, since there is a specific process to go through, including melting all the ice to water before turning the unit back on.

If the process of manually defrosting once every couple of weeks to a month is unappealing, this unit is definitely not for you.

Overall, a great little ice maker that deserves a 3 out of 5 rating.

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