The Coleman 48-Quart Chest Cooler (3000000152) (Blue)

 Rustproof, leak resistant drain

Rustproof, leak resistant drain

The Coleman 48 quart cooler is your standard cheap little cooler you can get basically anywhere for about 30 bucks. There isn't a whole lot to really say about this cooler but I will do my best. In my experience with this cooler has overall been good.

It can hold a lot of beer. I have put in 2-3 cases in here at once with ice and everything fit pretty good. The lid or drain hasn't rusted out on me like a couple of cheaper coolers that I have bought in the past. There are handles on the side that you can haul this thing around with. The one feature most of the hippies would like is the foam inside this thing is friendly to the environment.

Thou I don't understand why should you care since the plastic on the outside will take thousands of years to degrade before the foam would leak on the planet. The 2 things I really wish it had are, wheels. This thing filled up is pretty heavy, even for two people. The other thing is I wish it had a few cup holders on it. If they kept the price the same and added what is missing from this cooler, I would buy one again.

Thou the next one I do buy will have wheels, I'm too old to be hauling a cooler full of beer through the woods every summer. If your old too, don't get this cooler, pay a little more and get a wheeled model.

  • It can hold lots and lots of beer. It keeps things pretty cold for a good while.


  • This thing needs wheels if it's going to be this big.
  • A couple holder or two wouldn't dig too far into Coleman's profits would it.

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