The Coleman Company (54 quarts) RED Classic Steel Belted Cooler 6154A703

solid steel latch : stainless-steel handles with rubber grips

solid steel latch : stainless-steel handles with rubber grips

I bought this Coleman Cooler because I thought it was pretty cool item to have. I am very into the retro items so this entered my collection about July this year. I love the classic latch and the overall design of the cooler. The paint job is awesome, it is almost like a art piece.

I would pay 150 dollars for it all over again. I want to direct your attention to the fact this is a stainless steel cooler, so it is not going to break like some of the plastic ones. The handles and hinges are also stainless steel.

This guy can handle 54 quarts of anything you have to throw at it. I did notice that this model does not come with wheels. The reason why is most people carried their own stuff when this first came out. So I was not surprised when I did not see them.

The insulation for this jewel isn't your normal Eco friendly stuff that your seeing in a lot of other coolers. It doesn't really say how long it should hold ice in there but a day is the norm. I do have some issues with it thou, it's not perfect.

The rust resistant coating for all the metal is just that, rust resistant. After learning a lesson, you must dry this out by hand every time you use it or it will rust a little. My other issue is the handles, the rubber/plastic handle that covers the steel is very cheap and will make your hand hurt after a while. I wish it was a thicker handle cover.

I hope this review helped you choose this sweet replica.

  • All Stainless Steel construction, no plastic junk here. The paint job rivals some car paint jobs I've seen.


  • Will rust after a while if you don't dry out the thing by hand. The handles could use a bit more size to them so they don't hurt your hand.

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