The Roper Top-Mount Refrigerator by the Whirlpool Collection (14 cu.ft)

The Roper Refrigerator by the Whirlpool Collection is a basic refrigerator and freezer combination. The space is about 14 cubic feet, which leaves enough space for food for about two people for a month. Sometimes it takes a little planning to get all of the groceries in the compartments.

If the freezer or fridge becomes too full, do not expect the food to be properly cooled. There are two shelves in the fridge half of the refrigerator that can be adjusted to your liking. I do not use one of the shelves, so I can fit bigger items on the bottom shelf.

The drawers at the bottom of the fridge are cheaply made and do not have a track, they are only fitted, but do the job. The butter compartments are basic. The doors have fallen off before but can be placed again. The freezer has two shelves on the door and they are pretty much useless.

The small items that you can fit in there, i.e. hotdogs or icepacks, only fall out when you open the freezer. So, I don’t use those either. There are also some useless handles on the wrong side of the doors, but nonetheless, it is easy to open and closes quietly. Once again, the fridge is basic. For $770.00, not much more can be expected. It is pleasing to the eye, white and petite.

- Pretty good performance
- Cheap price tag

- Useless compartments
- Limited amount of food storage

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Jul 09, 2015
Roper (Whirlpool) 14 cf Refrigerator/Freezer NEW
by: Anonymous

Our family has thoroughly enjoyed this unit for many, many years. Previous reviewer states several areas are useless; our family disagrees. Top door freezer shelf is perfect for canned / tubed items, e.g., cookie dough, frozen drink concentrate as it's more of a cupped shape - we remove fudge / Popsicles from the box and those store nicely there, too! The 2nd door shelf is more spacious and has a protective bar which prevents items from falling out. It holds hamburger, ice cream, main entrees, soup, etc. and can be layered above the shelf provided one isn't flinging the door open / shut as perhaps the previous commentator does.

The refrigerator compartment has two bottom drawers that hold a LOT--we get a bushel of apples each fall and they stay cold / crisp in one drawer. The other usu. has fresh apricots (in season) or Idaho potatoes.

As previous reviewer mentioned, there are two wire shelves in addition to the solid ridged shelf covering the drawers. Also there are three door shelves, all with the protective bars to prevent spillage. We store canned pop and bottled water and cans of Ensure there for easy retrieval, though other items like boxed candy, juice boxes, smaller diameter items fit nicely, too. (Milk has to sit on one of the main shelves; its container is too large for the door.)

Main shelving easily handles stacked items such as packaged items, casseroles, bottled pop / juice, leftovers, large lidded pans, watermelon, etc. And there's a LOT of head room above the top shelf.

We were surprised to read the note that the Roper is a two-person, month-long food storage system. There are five in our family plus three grandkids (so far) and the Roper has been a wonderful addition to our household! We've NEVER had it serviced, and the freezer does NOT require de-icing. If spills occur, a damp cloth wipes it up easily; drawers remove smoothly and can be washed in the sink.

As with most well-made items, if they're not slammed about and treated carelessly, they will serve you well and last for years. This Roper has been in the family for over 30 years and is still going strong.

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