VINOTEMP Wine Coolers and Cellars

For well over 20 years Vinotemp have been an INTERNATIONAL LEADER in the wine storage industry and have a wide range of Custom Made wine cabinets and coolers for the Commercial world as well as the Home wine storage connoisseur. Vinotemp are justly proud of the reputation that they have built up and which is rooted in QUALITY, SERVICE and VALUE FOR MONEY. A southern California company that has a world-wide reputation, have made customer choice their watch-word , which is reflected in the very many ‘Series’ of wine coolers they offer and the wide range of styles they have designed.


Wine Cooler Overview


VInotemp do not concern themselves with what you call your Wine COOLER – knowing that some people call them Wine REFRIGERATORS, others Wine CABINETS and still others Wine CELLARS – they are more interested in the DESIGN, VERSATILITY and FUNCTIONALITY of your appliance.

They have moved forward and taken the design of Wine Coolers to the next stage and have produced a number of alternative Series of Wine Coolers to suit every need and taste.

They produce a range of SINGLE-Zone, DUEL-Zone, TRIPLE-Zone and MULTIPLE-Zone Coolers and have even designed a range that could more accurately be called high class furniture. With storage capacity from ONE-bottle coolers to 188-bottles, the WIDE and INTERESTING range and designs of Vinotemp Coolers and Cabinets are certainly worth exploring.

Vinotemp Wine Coolers and Key Features

The Vintotemp manufacture has at least five series of Wine Coolers

  1. ECO Series
  2. BUTLER Series
  3. PRO Series
  4. PORTOFINO Series
  5. BEVERAGE Coolers

ECO Series

The Eco Series of wine cellars use the Thermoelectric cooling system, which means that they are energy efficient, quiet running and vibration-free models.

They range from the versatile single-bottle wine cooler – which can double up as a wine warmer to the Side-by-Side Duel Zone, 48-Bottle wine cooler. The designs and the look of these wine coolers are very diverse, catering for every type of wine-chilling requirement.

The VT-CHILLER SLVR is a single bottle chiller that gives you the option of fast cooling or warming of your favorite wines, With 10 temperature selections and LED indicator lights, this is the perfect partner to that romantic meal or that working business lunch.

It is designed to warm or cool your wine to the correct temperature, maintaining that temperature for as long as is required. The quick chill facility will take the temperature of your wine down to 37° while you have the option of warning your mead or cider to 122°.

The VT-6TEDS and the VT-6TED-WB are both 6-bottle wine coolers, with one being a chunky Three-Tier COUNTER-TOP model, while the other is a sophisticated Slim-line WALL-MOUNTED Thermoelectric Wine Cooler.

There are THREE 12-Bottle Counter-Top wine coolers in the ECO Series from the squat, Single-Zone VT-12TEDS and the very elegant-looking Duel-Zone VT-12TEDS-2Z to their famous iCellar VT-12TEDi, (which is shown here).

The "iCellar" Wine Cooler comes with a SLEEK BLACK and stainless Mirrored design, with the TOUCHSCREN Controls, blue LED display and soft interior lighting,

All are ULTRA-Quiet, VIBRATION- Free models, but each offer their own range of carefully thought our features that make the Eco Series of Wine Coolers so popular.

With capacities for 16-Bottles, 18-Bottles and 28-Bottles are the VT-16TEDS , the VT-18TEDS and the VT-28TEDS , all of which are black-cabineted, stainless-trimmed, single-zone, rectangular wine coolers – each of which have their own unique range of qualities and features, while the Duel-Zone, 21-Bottle VT-21TEDS-2Z Wine Cooler, which is shown here), is a TALL SLIM Freestanding wine cabinet, with Wooden shelves each of which accommodates 2 bottles of wine side-by-side.

The largest wine cooler in the ECO_range is the VT-48TEDS-2Z which is the Freestanding, Duel-Zone Side-by-Side, with dual-paned glass doors, black body and elegant stainless trim.


There is a selection of SIXTEEN wine coolers individually designed models in the Butler series, the smallest of which is the incredibly elegant illuminated TouchScreen VT-15 TS cooler with its DIGITAL Temperature Display ,which has a REVERSIBLE Glass Door and Magnetic Seal.

The Two LARGEST coolers in this series have a capacity for 160-bottles like the Freestanding, MULTIZONE VT-188MBSH wine cooler, (which is shown here) , which has 15 WOOD shelves, a Locking glass door, a Central digital control panel with digital display and a Front-venting exhaust system, designed to give BUILD IN capabilities.

Other models on the Butler Series include the very attractive SLIMLINE 142-bottle Duel-Zone TouchScreen wine Cooler VT-140TS , for build-in or freestanding installation. With its reversible door option some connoisseurs purchase a pair separately – to resemble a Side-by-Side or custom-built, MultiZone wine cooler.

With capacities ranging from 15 : 24 : 26 : 32 : 34 : 36 : 50 : 58 ; 142 and 160 bottles, there is a model in the BUTLER Series, that would suit any lover of good wine, elegant storage and excellent functionality.

PRO Series

The exclusive range of Pro-Series of Wine Coolers has just a few models from which to choose but each comes with its own unique style and range of excellent features and advantages,

The VT-26 is a very popular, Single-Zone, 26-Bottle wine cooler, with its Double-Paned Stainless-Trimmed Glass Door, comes with a Front-Vented EXHAUST, making it suitable for either Freestanding to BUILT-IN preferences, while the VT-26 Model Beverage Cooler comes with digital control panel and metal shelves. Both are individually stylish.

The larger 45-bottle VT-45R with its double Zone and front exhaust has thermal glass doors with a locking door with key - with 5 of the 6 shelves having SLIDING COATED METAL with wood trim.

The largest wine cooler in the Pro Series is the 52-Bottle, Under-Counter VT-52SN (as shown here fully STAINLESS wine cooler with roll-out wood and metal shelves, is gloriously elegant and packed with design that is hard to improve upon.

The Wine Coolers in the PRO Series are specifically designed for commercial use and not only come with a very elegant looking finish - but are designed for a more robust life. The slide out metal shelves with their wood facing are certainly elegant and are standard in this line of wine coolers


Gracious elegance combined with innovative features and reliable functionality is the watch-word for the Portofino range of Wine Coolers. Indeed the wine cooler cabinets in this Portofino Range are more geared to fine quality furniture, rather than an everyday kitchen appliance.

There are TWO dark burgundy “Bleeker” wine bars, which have bronze trim – the 4-door, the duel-zone side-by-side 42-bottle wine bar VT-BLEEKER2 and the two-door, single-zone 21-bottle wine bar VT-BLEEKERBAR (as shown here).

PORTOFINO “Bleeker” Wine Cellars

Both have the facility for wine cooing in the lower section, while the upper section is designed to hold wine glasses and other wine accessories. Both come with interior light, a knob controlled thermostat and smart chrome wine racks, the larger cabinet having an attractive wood trim. The top comportment of the smaller Bleeker cabinet has a door that pulls down - providing a useful shelf for decanting your wines.

PORTOFINO “Hamilton” Wine Cellars

In the stylish Hamilton design there are TWO beautiful wood cabinets with a Black exterior:- the VT-PORTOFINO3D, which is a 40 Bottle Hamilton 20door Credenza and the VT-PORTOFINO2D , as seen here which is a 60-bottle Hamilton slim 3-Door Vertical Towered wine cooler.

Both Hamilton models are designed with the Ultra-quiet, Vibration-free, Energy-efficient Thermoelectric cooling technology with environmentally-friendly coolant and have a temperature range from 50°-65°F. These attractive freestanding furniture units have Double-paned glass doors with Stainless steel handles and Sturdy chrome shelf racks to store you choice wines.

PORTOFINO “Bordeaux” Wine Cellars

There are FOUR models in the Bordeaux range of Hybrid wine coolers, where excellent wine cooling is combined with elegant furniture.

The single-zone 42-bottle VT-BORDEAUX1 is a stylish warm mahogany-colored wood exterior with 7 sliding wooden shelves, while the VT-BORDEAUX2C is a 2-Zone Credenza, being the same height, but twice the size holds 84-bottles of your favorite wines.

As well as the two cabinet style wine coolers there are two further Tower units in the same stunning Bordeaux wood finish :-

The TWO- Tier, Duel -ZONE VT-BORDEAUX2H Wine cellar tower, which stores 84 bottles of wine and the even slimmer VT-BORDEAUX3 which has THREE Tiers and THREE Separate Temperature Zones, holding 80-bottles of wine.

This model, demonstrated here has Sturdy metal shelves with wood trim in the same lovely warm finish together with an interior lighting cooled to perfection with the Thermoelectric cooling technology.


There are two choices in the Napa Series - the first VT-NAPA1 being a single-zone wine cooler with a dual-paned glass door, and an elaborate grape vine design on the door. This cabinet comes in a rich walnut finish and has a capacity for 20-bottles of wine.

The Napa VT-NAPA2bbn Wine Credenza as shown hereis a Duel-Zone multifunctional wooden cabinet, having two individually, thermostatically-controlled refrigerated compartments. This environmentally friendly refrigerated wine cabinet has a central well and three further drawers as well as a pull-out decanting platform for your convenience.

Both are energy efficient, ultra quiet and vibration-free, and are fitted with adjustable temperature controls ranging between 50°-65°F. Sliding wire shelves adjustable temperature controls and an interior light in all the Napa collection add to the exquisite design and polished finish of this unit.


Three very contrasting cabinets in a luscious rich wood finish are offered in the “Roja” design:- the single-door VT-RIOJA1 the one that is shown here with is deep warn wood exterior and elegant features and design. Being 45” high, the top of this cabinet has been designed as a decanting bar - having an integral top drawer, interior light, sliding metal shelves and a capacity for 21- bottles of wine. 50°-65°F

The tall, slim 2-Zone VT-RIOJA2 Roja Wine Cellar can hold up to 42 bottles of wine and features a rich wood exterior, having two independently controlled temperature zones, with virtually silent running and energy efficient operation, while the equally stylish FOUR-ZONE VT-RIOJA4 stores a massive 84-bottles of wine inside its attractive dual-paned glass doors with their decorative handles and base.

PORTOFINO “Kendal” Series

There is just one model to tell you about in the “Kendal” style, which is the 42 Bottle Kendall Wine Cellar Credenza : VT-KENDALL WB , which comes in a stylish, BLACK hard-wood finish. It is a sophisticated,-looking cabinet. There are TWO 21-Bottle compartments, between which is a central storage space, which both have their own independent temperature controls. Above the storage space there is a further drawer which contains stemware racks. The metal storage racks are gently curving to hold the wine firmly in place and the entire cooling system is the non-vibrating, quiet functioning Thermoelectric cooling technology


Not content with the massive range and quality of their wine coolers and cabinets, Vinotemp also do a additional range of beverage coolers incuding their VT-CHILLER CHA , which is a great chamlagne chiller which makes cooling quick and easy, as it will fit on any table top or cabinet and uses thermoelectric cooling.

They do a number of ‘Double –shot” and Single-shot chillers, mobile can coolers and a range of beer dispensing kit and kegs.

They also do a range of beverage coolers that can double up as wine/can coolers depending on your personal requirements like the VT-BC58SB of the VT-26BCS which is the model shown here.

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