Vinotemp VT-ICEMP25 Portable Ice Maker with See Through Lid (Approx. 26 lbs/day)

ice is ready in as little as 7 minutes

ice is ready in as little as 7 minutes

The Vinotemp portable ice maker is one of those plain Jane looking products that most people don't look twice at. If I guess that is why they gave it the name they did. I was going to just pass it up because it doesn't really stand when you see it online. I was happy I did take the time and effort to read about this little machine.

It produces ice in 7 minutes which is pretty awesome on it's part. The controls on this machine matches it's plain exterior. You can have 3 sizes of ice cube, a start, and a stop button. There are a few LED lights on the it to tell you what is going on inside.

I also like how it comes with a little scoop for you to get the ice out of its 2 pound storage bin. It will make the 26 pounds and more a day as stated in its manual. I have a couple issues with the machine but they can be over looked by most.

Even thou this machine makes ice very fast and I have never had a issue with it. The price tag of almost 400 bucks is a bit steep. The other issue I have is that there is no light in the bin. If your going to charge 400 bucks, I would like a light in the bin.

Also, having a plastic outside is really cheap for the price tag. Overall, I am sure you can find a machine that is cheaper but I have not found one that can make ice like a mad machine. Hope this help you pick out the right machine for you.

  • Is very very good at making ice in a speedy way.
  • I like that you can pick what size you want the ice.

  • Overpriced for the way it is built. Lk Does not have light in the bin so I can tell at night in my bar that I'm out or not.

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