Whirlpool - EB9SHKXVQ Bottom-Mount Refrigerator 18.5 cu ft

Energy Star® : Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker : Accu-Chill

Energy Star® : Factory Installed Automatic Ice Maker : Accu-Chill

The Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ 18.5 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator in an Energy Star® compliant unit which translates into it making a significant saving for your budget as well as being environmentally friendly.

It comes with 2 Adjustable Full-Width Glass Shelves, Adjustable Door Bins, the Accu-Chill Temperature System, and Humidity-Controlled Crispers.

As well has having an automatic defrost system and a factory installed Icemaker it has a Side-Swing Freezer Door, which makes access into the lower freezer section much easier.

    Interior Features

  • This refrigerator is a test energy efficient refrigerator with the Energy Star® label which ensure energy efficiency and reduced running costs.
  • The REFRIGERATOR compartment comes with Full-Width Adjustable Shelves and there the humidity-controlled containers are an increasingly popular feature. With the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System you may be sure that the Humidity-Controlled Crisper will keep your fresh fruit and salads in tip top fresh crispness for longer. There is also some good storage options in the refrigerator door including Adjustable Door Bins
  • The FREEZER has a Side-Swing Freezer Door and comes with its own Factory-Installed Automatic Ice Maker, which removed the need to make your own ice cubes. It is fitted with Lower Wire Freezer Basket and an Upper Wire Freezer Shelf . There is also a freezer light which helps you to see all that is stored in your freezer with ease.
  • An Automatic Defrost System takes away the tedious task of defrosting the freezer unit and it has a timer, a limit switch and a heater that melts away any build up of frost, so you do not have to empty the freezer first.
  • This model is fitted with Electronic Temperature Controls to enable you to adjust the temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer with the touch of a button.

      Exterior Features

    The Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ bottom-mount refrigerator is only offered in White.
  • This model has the advantage of having a reversible door swing to add to its versatility.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 3/8 Inches
    Height: 66 15/16 Inches
    Width: 29 5/8 Inches
    Refrigerator Capacity: 12.9 Cu. Ft.
    Freezer Capacity: 5.6 Cu. Ft.
    Total Capacity: 18.5 Cu. Ft.


  • Many customers prefer the swing-door feature that this unit has.
  • Having the Accu-Chill Temperature Management System is an advantage as it is designed to provide accurate temperature control through your unit with foam-in-place –doors and a ‘double-tub’ construction in both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer section.
  • Another advantage is the Auto Defrost System which includes a timer switch has a limit switch as well as a heater that switches on at the appropriate time to melt away the build up of ice.
  • The Energy Star label is a real and ongoing advantage as it is designed to be more energy efficient than models that do not have this Energy Star label.


  • There has been little response to this unit except to note that it only is offered in one color, which limits its appeal.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • energy efficient
  • freezer swing door
  • good temperature control
  • defrosts automatically

  • limited color choice
  • bit pricy

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    Sep 26, 2010
    A truly a wonderful device.
    by: Anonymous

    Recently, our old refrigerator died on us. It just stopped cooling. It seemed like it might be an easy fix, but it was quite a dated appliance and we decided to look into our options. In our search we happened upon the Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ at a reputable big box hardware store. They happened to be running a special on all Energy Star appliances, which this refrigerator happens to be.

    The Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ is truly a wonderful device. Compared to our older model Side-By-Side fridge, this is better on all aspects. One thing my wife and I liked about this device is that it is a Bottom-Mount refrigerator, meaning the freezer portion is on the bottom, and the fridge is on the top.

    It was a little more expensive than a more conventional refrigerator, but after owning it for over a month now, it is a great asset. No more stooping over to get to the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to pull out a casserole, or cookie sheet. Now the bottom shelf is nearly at waist level.

    The Energy Star really, REALLY, does make a difference. I never thought it would make that much of a difference, but wow, compared to our old device, this thing must be sucking have the electricity than the old.

    The Energy Guide on the Whirlpool EB9SHKXVQ is 448 kWH, which equates to having a yearly operating cost of $48. It runs so quite at times, I forget it is running, and the low electricity costs, this thing will pay for itself over time!

    One of the only downsides is that the device is only is 18.5 Cu. Ft. For the cost, we could have gotten a larger conventional (Freezer on top) refrigerator. However, after using it for over a month, it does not seem small by any means.

    We have an abundance of space, and the fridge-on-top is really a nice feature.

    Pros: -
  • Fridge on top
  • Freezer on bottom (No more stooping over!!!)
  • Built in ice-maker
  • Energy Star!

  • Price was a bit higher than conventional,
  • Freezer on top refrigerators
  • Small size, in Cu. Ft. for price

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