Whirlpool (ED2GVEXVD) PUR® Water Filtration - Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator (21.8 cu. ft.)

SpillGuard™ glass shelves   - Energy Star®

SpillGuard™ glass shelves - Energy Star®

This classic side-by-side refrigerator is very reasonably priced, and combines style with economy. It only comes in one color but is perfect for the family on a fairly tight budget. It contains many important and useful features without resorting to unnecessary extras.

    Main Interior Features

  • This model has Whirlpool's PuR® water filtration system, which, helps to cut down on unwanted impurities and provides filtered ice water directly to you.

  • There is an indicator light for the water filter and dial temperature controls.
  • The adaptive defrost system monitors the compressor time, which may result in less defrosting and improved food preservation.
  • Adjustable door bins give many options for storage in-door and the built-in handles enable ease of movement.
  • The Spillguard glass shelves help to prevent any liquid spills leaking onto the shelves and are adjustable by sliding out, giving easy access.
  • There are three pans, including a clear meat pan helps meat stay fresher for longer, a crisper pan preserves the freshness of salads and vegetables and a clear snack pan.

      Exterior Features

    This refrigerator is fitted with a classic flat door and only comes in silver finish. It is fitted with a flat door style with a smooth finish to the touch.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 3/4 Inches
    Height: 66 3/4 Inches
    Width: 32 3/4 Inches
    Total Volume: 21.7 Cu. Ft.

      Additional Features

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified - meets government standards and helps to conserve preserve resources and reduces energy consumption.
  • Dispenser lockout control.
  • Automatic ice maker – factory installed.
  • Freezer shelves are full width and adjustable.


  • Although this is a fairly basic model, which is reflected in the very affordable price, this refrigerator certainly is an elegant, free-standing, ‘Side-by-Side appliance that does incorporate some very good features. It supports the important Energy Star logo, which identifies it as providing value for money by helping to save resources, expenditure and running costs.
  • The defrost system is another asset as it results in a need to defrost less frequently and therefore a cost saver.
  • The humidity-controlled crisper is a great asset as it help to preserve the freshness and crispness of fruit and salad items.
  • Its interior gives a spacious feel and it can accommodate tall containers.
  • Whirlpool’s SpillGuard™ glass shelves are an added advantage as they help to prevent unnecessary spills, enabling quick and easy cleaning and preventing leaking onto lower shelves.


  • This is a fairly basic model,which means that it does not contain some of the more unusual features found in a more expensive models.
  • The freezer bins that accompany this model are opaque rather than transparent, which makes it more difficult to know what they contain.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Easy access
  • Contain all the basic features
  • Temperature and humidity controlled with an inner dial

  • It is quite a basic model
  • The bins for both freezer and refrigerator are only opaque

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    Sep 09, 2010
    A decent refrigerator at a modest price
    by: Anonymous

    The Energy Star qualified Whirlpool refrigerator (Model number ED2KVEXVL) is a decent refrigerator at a modest price. With three different color selections, this refrigerator offers a lot of variety at about $1200. Each color looks sleek and modern, perfect for updating and renovating a kitchen for the 21st century.

    This refrigerator has excellent storage space and can hold a large amount of food in both the refrigerator and the freezer. It keeps food cold, and unlike other refrigerators that I’ve owned, has never broken down or blown a fuse in my house. This refrigerator also comes with a purified water system on the door. Unfortunately, this water system leaks after you get the purified drinking water.

    The entire refrigerator as a whole is also slightly bulky for its size- Whirlpool could’ve reduced the sheer size of the thing and still have the same capacity for storing food. In my small kitchen, it was very frustrating trying to fit the refrigerator between certain cabinets. We found that installing the refrigerator was also a frustrating ordeal– hooking up the water system to the refrigerator proved to be extremely difficult.

    In the end, I had to hire a professional to come and fix the problem. Despite these defects (which could be just a result of my old house), I have found this refrigerator to be one of the best that I’ve ever owned. I love the space for food, ice storage, and even (leaky) drinking water that comes from the refrigerator door. Because of the difficult installation, however, I do not plan on purchasing another Whirlpool refrigerator any time soon.

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