Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS Side-by-Side Refrigerator Stainless 25.1cu ft Adaptive Defrost System

 PuR® Water Filtration System : Adaptive Defrost :  Energy Star®

PuR® Water Filtration System : Adaptive Defrost : Energy Star®

The Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS is an Energy Star rated side-by-side refrigerator is a resource saver refrigerator with a capacity of 25.1 cubic feet which has been identified as a very reliable unit. It comes with the traditional styling of a side-by-side exterior dispensing appliance with PuR® water filtration, adaptive defrost system and SpillGuard glass shelves,

With a good range of features in the refrigerator section, like the gallon door bins and clear humidity-controlled crispers and with the freezer being fitted with a factory-installed automatic ice maker, this is a good-looking yet functional refrigerator that has proved to have a high reputation.

    Interior Features

  • This unit it Energy Star compliant meaning that it is designed to be energy efficient and reduce your energy consumption.
  • The Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS also has identified as one that has the fewest repairs over many years by a leading consumer magazine.
  • Any impurities in your water supply are reduced with the PuR Water Filtration System which lasts for up to 6 months before needing to be replaced.
  • There is an Electronic Ice & Water Dispenser, which dispenses both crushed or cubed ice and it comes with a Standard Push Button Controls and the temperature controls are a manual dial, and situated in the interior of the unit. The water dispenser comes with a control lock out, which prevents accidental or unwanted use and can be switched on and off easily with a simple button.
  • The REFRIGERATOR section is fitted with Full-Width Adjustable Slide-Out SpillGuard Glass Shelves, which are designed to contain any spillages and make cleaning them up a simple task.
  • There are also Adjustable Clear Gallon Door Bins, which are useful storage for large cartons of milk and juices, and which help to free up the interior space in the refrigerator compartment. Being transparent these bins give you a quick and easy view of all that is stored inside.
  • Other interior features include a clear crisper, which helps to keep salads and fruit fresher for much longer as well as a clear Meat Pan a Clear Snack Pan and an interior light.
  • With a Factory-Installed Automatic Ice Maker the FREEZER section has some good fixed door storage as well as some opaque freezer storage.
  • This model also comes with an Adaptive Defrost System which effectively works out when your freezer needs to go through a defrost cycle .

      Exterior Features

  • The Whirlpool ED5FVGXWS is only offered in Stainless Steel. The styling of the door is on the classic flat door styling.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 33 3/4 Inches
    Height: 69 3/4 Inches
    Width: 35 1/2 Inches
    Freezer Capacity: 9.9 Cu. Ft.
    Refrigerator Capacity: 15.2 Cu. Ft.
    Total Capacity: 25.1 Cu. Ft.


  • There are many advantages with this refrigerator, not least the PuR, water filtration system which keeps your water clean from all outside impurities for up to 6 months before needing to be changed.
  • Another advantage is the Adaptive Defrost System (ADS) which is a feature that monitors the time that the compressor and the evaporator heater have been running, which can mean not only fewer defrost cycles but also improved food preservation and cost savings as well.
  • The Spillsave shelves and the many storage containers and bins are transparent, which makes finding food in closed compartments much easier.
  • For those with young children or the need to prevent any unwanted access into the refrigerator, the Dispenser Control Lockout is yet another good advantage of this unit.


  • It has been noted that this unit used traditional light bulbs, which are so positioned that there is up to 1 cubic foot of wasted space because of this.
  • A second problem about bad design in connection with wasted space is the water reservoir that is situated just at the back of the refrigerator, which means that the shelves are not full depth.
  • One customer that noted this disadvantage commented that they would prefer more space and less water storage and lighting.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • very quiet
  • good features
  • fileter change indicator light
  • Spillguard glass shelves
  • water filtration
  • clear containers
  • easy organization
  • large size
  • movable options
  • reasonably priced
  • excellent ice maker

  • wasted space
  • opaque freezer bins
  • flimsy shelving
  • light duty unit
  • build up of ice
  • load and noisy
  • bulky
  • some premature rusting

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