Whirlpool EH155FXTQ 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (Key-Eject Lock)

Energy Star®  : 2 Large Plastic Baskets : Interior Light

Energy Star® : 2 Large Plastic Baskets : Interior Light

This is a fairly compact freezer with a capacity of 14.8 cu ft and has 2 large plastic buckets to make storage simpler. The Whirlpool EH155FXTQ Chest freezer is Energy Star® compliant, which means you will save up to 20% of the energy that is used on a freezer that does not have the Energy Star label. It is reasonably priced and has a good number of features, like the Temperature Monitor Alarm to alert you if the temperature in not appropriate, a safety feature with the Key-Eject lock and a Defrost Drain with Cover, when it's time to defrost your freezer. It comes with easy to use mechanical controls and an interior light for better illumination.

    Interior Features

  • This is a temperature-monitored freezer with a Temperature Monitor Alarm, which sounds an alarm if the temperature goes below safe freezer temperatures.
  • This comes with ENERGY STAR® status and means that you will certainly save on your cold storage energy costs as well as being environmentally friendly.
  • Having a Key-Eject Lock will prevent children from opening the door. The key is ejected if it is not pushed while being turned - so it is a real good built-in safety feature.
  • AS there is not automatic defrost system with this freezer, there is a very good Defrost Drain with Cover, so that when it's time to defrost your freezer, this drain helps to make it quick and easy with almost no mess or hassle, providing a path for condensate water to flow away.
  • The controls on this freezer are mechanical, and easy to use.

      Exterior Features

  • This freezer is only available in the basic white finish but has a nice textured finish and a clean, fresh look.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 ¼ Inches

    Height: 34 ¾ Inches
    Width: 46 1/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 14.8 Cu. Ft.
    Weight 168 kg


  • There are many advantages and conveniences with this freezer like the Key-Eject Lock - which is a real SAFETY consideration with children and the DEFROST DRAIN with Cover, when it is time to defrost the interior.
  • Having an INTERIOR LIGHT in a freezer is a good advantage as it really helps to light up the whole interior, helping you to locate what you need.


  • Some customers like to have a DEFROST INDICATOR to remind them that it is time to defrost the freezer, but this is not available on this model.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • key-eject lock
  • 2 upper plastic baskets
  • interior light
  • defrost drain with cover

  • no defrost indicator

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