Whirlpool EV181FZTQ Energy Star® Upright Freezer White 15.8 cu ft

Reversible Door : Interior Light : Bottom Storage Basket

Reversible Door : Interior Light : Bottom Storage Basket

The white, Whirlpool EV181FZTQ is an easy to access, upright freezer with a reversible door and a total storage capacity of 17.7cu ft.

This manual defrost freezer comes with nicely laid out shelving – including SIX Door Shelves together with ONE good-size Bottom Storage Basket. Being Energy Star® compliant this is an energy efficient freezer, and means that it exceeds the minimum government energy standards by 10%. and it comes with easy to access up-front temperature controls.

    Interior Features

  • This Energy Star® compliant freezer will give you great savings on your ENERGY COSTS and is therefore an Environmentally Friendly unit as well.
  • ACCESS and CHOICE of where to locate your freezer is made much easier as this is a freezer that has a REVERSIBLE Door.
  • There are FOUR Fixed Wire Shelves to make storage much more convenient in this 17.7 cu ft capacity freezer, together with SIX Door-Bins.
  • The temperature control is located up- front for easy access.
  • This MANUAL Defrost freezer it fitted with an easy to drain DEFROST Drainage system, allowing water to flow easily, for disposal.
  • An interior light ILLUMINATEs this cabinet, making it much easier to see what you have stored and locate the food you require - even if there is limited light or the freezer is located in an ill-lit room.
  • The FAST- FREEZE setting enable you to freeze large quantities of food-stuff both quickly and effortlessly. On this setting the freezer runs almost CONTINUOUSLY, providing a temperature that is 10° COLDER than the normal running temperature.

      Interior Features

  • This model comes in a White finish only and comes in a smooth contoured finish.
  • The door is REVERSIBLE making it a much more versatile model.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30 Inches
    Height: 67 Inches
    Width: 30 Inches
    Total Volume: 17.7 Cu. Ft.
    Gross Wright 186 lbs


  • The FAST FREEZE setting is a great advantage, especially if you do a lot of home freezing or use a lot of boxed and packeted frozen foods.
  • The INTERIOR LIGHT makes it so much easier to see into all the corners of this freezer
  • Having an Energy Star® ENERGY EFFICIENT freezer is a big advantage in the age of increasing fuel costs.


  • One of the identified disadvantages that customers pointed out was that this upright freezer does not have a LOCK

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • excellent capacity
  • holds a lot!
  • highly recommended
  • Energy Star®
  • fast-freeze
  • reversible door
  • bottom storage basket
  • 4 fixed wire shelves
  • 6 door shelves
  • interior light
  • easy up-front temperature controls.

  • no freezer lock
  • manual defrost system

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