Whirlpool EV205NXTN "Fast-Freeze" Upright Freezer Natural SILVER 20.1cu ft

Frost-Free Defrost :  Excellent Storage : Energy Star® :

Frost-Free Defrost : Excellent Storage : Energy Star® :

Similar to the smaller EV185NXTN 17.7 cu ft the Whirlpool EV205NXTN Upright Freezer has a bigger capacity of 20.1 cu ft as well as all the various innovative features and conveniences of its smaller cousin.

The EV205NXTN is Energy Star® compliant and has a lovely natural silver finish. It comes with both a safe temperature alarm and a door-open alert to ensure that your freezer functions with maximum efficiency. The slide-forward shelving makes storage and retrieval of your frozen food very convenient as do the fast freeze settings and ice-making capability. Despite a number of disadvantages that this model has it has been identified as a very popular upright freezer and comes highly recommended from a number of quarters.

    Interior Features

  • The EV205NXTN is a freezer with a good range of STORAGE, including an Adjustable Mid Basket, a Bottom Storage Basket, FOUR Adjustable Wire Shelves, easy to move, Slide Out Shelves, SIX Adjustable Door Bins and a Lower Door Shelf, which has a Gallon capacity.
  • Having a KEY-EJECT LOCK is a great feature and one that is connected with safety, as it prevents children from being able to open the doors themselves. It works ejecting the key, if it is not pushed at the same time that the key is being turned.
  • Another safety feature that is both convenient and connected with energy efficient links, is the is the Temperature Monitor Alarm, which alerts you when the temperature rises to unsafe levels.
  • This good size capacity freezer is WELL ILLUMINATED with an interior light that helps you locate the food you need so much quicker, but there is also a power on light and up-front temperature controls, which are easy to set and conveniently located.
  • With the FROST FREE feature you do not have the chore of defrosting this freezer as this innovative technology keeps your freezer free from all frost build up - and adds to the energy efficiency of this unit.
  • Similarly a FAST FREEZE setting quickly brings newly added groceries to their correct temperature in the energy efficient freezer.

      Exterior Features

  • With a great-looking Natural SILVER finish and sleek contoured finish the EV205NXTN has a slightly curved grab-style handle .
  • As this freezer mounted on rollers to make shifting it and there are also two leveling legs that ensure that your freezer is well grounded.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30 Inches
    Height: 67 Inches
    Width: 33 Inches
    Total Volume: 17.7 Cu. Ft.
    Weight 175 lbs


  • The FROST FREE feature is a big hit with customers as is the Audible Temperature ALARM that sounds when the temperature rises.
  • The lovely SILVER FINISH to this appliance makes the freezer look stunning in a kitchen - even if this does not add to the functionality of the unit!
  • The storage in this freezer is really great - and makes it very easy to organize storage and makes it easier to find things again!
  • Customers liked the exterior light that tells that the freezer is running and felt reassured with the alarm system, as mentioned before.
  • A number of customers commented that this is a well built and a well designed freezer.


  • One customer had a problem with their model, as it stopped working a couple of days after delivery - but were at least compensated for the loss of frozen foods.
  • It is a pity that the temperature CONTROLS are INSIDE this freezer as this is a counter-energy efficient design. A number of customers considered that the internal temperature controls was a serious design flaw and would have much preferred them to have been placed externally.
  • It was noted that this freezer did not have a Soft-Freeze Zone that is designed to keep Ice Cream at a more convenient "scoopable" temperature.
  • One disadvantage that was discovered was that it was not possible to stack items in front of the interior vents, which decreases the storage area.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good storage capacity
  • nice looking beautiful exterior
  • frost free
  • fast free capacity
  • good insulation
  • well built and designed
  • really good light
  • the baskets and bins make it easy access

  • poor fast freeze
  • Interior temperature controls
  • no soft-freeze zone

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