Whirlpool EV209NBTN 19.6 cu. ft. Upright Frost-Free Freezer

This Split-Reversible-Door (DOUBLE DOOR) ALL-Freezer in a Natural Silver gives great freezer storage with the capacity of a good size chest-freezer and yet the ease of use of an upright refrigerator. Being Energy Star® qualified, it is an energy efficient Freezer and comes with Ice-Making capability and Fast-Freeze settings. With four adjustable door bins, 3 adjustable wire shelves and a temperature monitor area this freezer has great potential for all your frozen storage requirements.

This particular freezer is a very worthwhile unit as it got one of the highest ratings in its class and seems to have very few serious disadvantages if any.

    Interior Features

  • With ICE-MAKING CAPABILITY this is more than a simple storage facility and a great range of shelves and storage compartments.
  • This FREEZER has 4-adjustible door-bin and three adjustable slide-out shelves as well as a mid-level Storage Basket, which enable the bulk storage of frozen food in lovely deep baskets. Being removable they make storage and retrieval so much easier, giving full access to the bottom of the freezer.
  • One of the good features is the Fast Freeze Setting, which freezes large quantities of fresh food quickly and efficiently. This means that freshly cooled air causes the interior temperature to run about 10°,
    almost continuously.
  • The temperature controls are well-placed and easy to use, being positioned up-front and there is a useful Temperature Monitor Alarm, which causes an alarm to sound should the temperature of the freezer fall below a safe temperature.
  • Not only is there an interior light which illuminates the interior of the freezer but there is also power on light.
  • The doors are slightly contoured giving a lovely smooth curved effect and being reversible making the unit even more versatile.

      Exterior Features

  • This Whirlpool Freezer is available in TWO great colors:- White-on-White (EV209NBTQ) and Stainless Steel (EV209NBTN).
  • Having a split door makes storage organization in the all-freezer so much easier and being reversible makes it a very versatile unit.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 30 Inches
    Width: 33 Inches
    Total Volume: 19.6 cu ft


  • This classic two-door refrigerator-freezer, has many advantages including the design to accommodate taller items.
  • One advantage of the two doors on this single unit freezer which makes access so much easier and is an energy efficient facility as only one compartment has to be opened when putting food into the freezer or retrieving it.
  • The FAST FREEZE setting is a great advantage for freezing large amounts of food quickly and efficiently. On this setting the freezer runs almost continuously providing freshly cooled air which forces the freezer to run at a temperature that is 10°COLDER than the lowest setting .
  • Knowing how important it is to maintain the freezer temperature at a safe temperature - it is a real advantage to have an alarm that warns of a temperature rise in the freezer.
  • The Frost Free Defrost feature is such an advantage as defrosting a big freezer with a capacity of 19.6 cu ft would present some real problems - such has how to keep huge amounts of frozen food frozen during the defrost process.
  • Although there is no practical advantage the good looks and stylish finish of this Duel-Door FREEZER is an advantage for those that like all their appliances to give a modern look to their kitchen.


  • One customer found that when closing the door of the top freezer, the bottom door would pop open and then close again. Although this was not a serious disadvantage, as the door always closed properly it caused a little concern, in case it remains slightly ajar without them realizing it. >
  • Another customer had a problem with a couple of the seals in this freezer, such that when one door was closed the other would pop open.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good space for tall items
  • quite running model
  • good secure shutting door
  • good looking
  • Energy Star®
  • nice family size
  • high performance
  • frost free defrost
  • stacks of room
  • relatively cheap price
  • reversible swing door
  • automatic drain
  • interior light
  • good for bulk freezing

  • 1 freezer door popping open when other one closed
  • problem with seal

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