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Whirlpool is a well-known brand of freezers, aside from other types of kitchen appliance. This brand offers HIGH QUALITY FEATURES and VALUE-FOR-YOUR MONEY products. Read on to learn why Whirlpool washing machines are the best in the market and why you should get one ..

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STAINLESS Whirlpool® Sidekick® Upright Freezer 17.7 cu ft EV188NYWS 
You will probably fall in love with this stunning 17.7 cu ft capacity Stainless Steel All-Freezer, which is part of the Sidekick® range and which can …

WHITE Whirlpool (Energy Star®) EV161FZTQ Upright Freezer 16 cu ft Not rated yet
The Whirlpool : EV161FZTQ is a 16 cu ft capacity, upright manual freezer with 5 great-storage shelves in the door, a commercial-rated power cord, and a …

Whirlpool (FAST FREEZE) EV250NXTQ White Upright Freezer 24.7 cu ft Not rated yet
Interior Features SIX spacious door shelves and FOUR removable wire shelves are just part of the good storage facilities. There is also a bottom …

White EV201NZTQ 20.1 cu. ft. Upright Frost-Free Freezer  Not rated yet
The Whirlpool Upright Freezer EV201NZTQ has a good capacity of 20.1 cu ft and has a good range of features and functions that make it a tempting proposition. …

Whirlpool Energy Star® (Frost Free) Upright Freezer 15.8 cu ft EV161NZTQ Not rated yet
The Whirlpool EV161NZTQ Upright Freezer is an Energy Star® qualified ,, which comes with a Temperature Monitor Alarm and a FAST FREEZE setting. It is …

Whirlpool EH155FXTQ 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (Key-Eject Lock) Not rated yet
This is a fairly compact freezer with a capacity of 14.8 cu ft and has 2 large plastic buckets to make storage simpler. The Whirlpool EH155FXTQ Chest …

White Whirlpool EH225FXTQ 22 cu-ft Chest Freezer Energy Star®  Not rated yet
The Whirlpool EH225FXTQ is a spacious chest freezer which comes with THREE large storage baskets, in which to keep all your frozen foods organized. …

Whirlpool EV205NXTN "Fast-Freeze" Upright Freezer Natural SILVER 20.1cu ft Not rated yet
Similar to the smaller EV185NXTN 17.7 cu ft the Whirlpool EV205NXTN Upright Freezer has a bigger capacity of 20.1 cu ft as well as all the various innovative …

Whirlpool EV185NXTN 17.7 cu ft Upright Freezer "Natural-Silver" (Key-Eject Lock) Not rated yet
Not only is the Whirlpool EV185NXTN Upright Freezer a most stylish and good looking unit, but it reaches new heights in innovative technology, practical …

White Whirlpool 17.7 cu ft EV181NZTQ Upright Frost-Free Freezer  Not rated yet
The EV181NZTQ is an Upright FROST-FREE Whirlpool freezer with a 17.7 cu.ft. IT features a reversible door swing and has a power-indicator light, and …

Whirlpool EH150FXRQ Chest Freezer 14.8 cu ft (Key-Eject Lock) Not rated yet
This Whirlpool EH150FXRQ chest freezer is an easy to access freezer, whether you want to retrieve frozen food from the top or the bottom, as it comes …

Energy Star® Whirlpool EH185FXTQ White Chest Freezer 17.5 cu ft Not rated yet
With a One-Year limited warranty, this 18cu ft capacity, white Whirlpool EH185FXTQ Chest Freezer comes with THREE massive blue slide and store upper …

Whirlpool EV209NBTN 19.6 cu. ft. Upright Frost-Free Freezer Not rated yet
This Split-Reversible-Door (DOUBLE DOOR) ALL-Freezer in a Natural Silver gives great freezer storage with the capacity of a good size chest-freezer and …

Whirlpool EV181FZTQ Energy Star® Upright Freezer White 15.8 cu ft  Not rated yet
The white, Whirlpool EV181FZTQ is an easy to access, upright freezer with a reversible door and a total storage capacity of 17.7cu ft. This manual …

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Freezer Overview


For a free-standing freezer for those who have limited space the Whirlpool AFB 601 is one of the best choices. It has clear frosted drawers and 30 hours of power failure-safe storage.

This 3.2 cu. ft. unit comes in white and black. It also comes with a handy fast freeze compartment.

Popular Whirlpool Freezers and their Main Features

Popular Chest Freezers

Whirlpool offers a line of chest freezers for those who want heavy duty freezing from an affordable unit. The chest freezers made by Whirlpool are often known for their simple design, simple controls located on the outer side of the freezer and for the good storage layout inside. This the perfect type of freezer for those who like to stack up on meat products.

The Whirlpool AFG070NFA is one of the top selling Whirlpool chest freezers. It scores high on energy efficiency, looks small on the outside but offers a lot of free space on the inside. It sports indicator lights, interior lighting, adjustable bins and the no-frost feature. Yet another good choice is the CHEST FREEZER 14.8CF ESTAR BASK.

This chest freezer offers three separate food compartments in a white finish.

The unit sports removable baskets so you can access the bottom section with little effort.

One of the most energy efficient and user favorite is EH151FX. This unit comes with the Energy Star rating, interior lighting and temperature alarm. It also has a key eject lock.

Popular Upright Freezers

The EV209NBTN is another free standing upright freezer unit that sports an Energy star qualification, reversible doors, power on light, up front temperature controls and ice making features. It also features 3 adjustable wire shelving and a large lower slide out tub with dividers.

Another major seller is the EV250NXTQ which is a 24.7 cu. ft capacity unit that features a full contoured door, two wire storage baskets and six door shelving. The unit also comes with a temperature monitor that sounds off if the temperature reaches unsafe levels.

Another consumer favorite is the EV185NXTN which is an upright freezer with features such as the safe temperature alarm, the door open alarm, frost free defrost and ice making capabilities as well as a key eject lock. The freezer also sports a natural silver color.

Consumer Likes and Dislikes


  • Whirlpool units are known for their QUIET OPERATION and for SPACE-SAVING DESIGNS.

  • The units from Whirlpool are also known for their LONGEVITY so you can expect years of problem-free service.

  • Whirlpool units also have the LOWEST POWER CONSUMPTION even for larger units compared to freezers from other brands.


  • A common complaint with Whirlpool units is that some parts tend to be FLIMSY. For example, the LOCK ON CHEST FREEZERS are easy to break, not a good thing if you keep the freezer in the garage or in the shed.

  • The NO-FROST FEATURE in some units also reduce the capacity of the unit, which is a common complaint of users who are also complaining about frost buildup even when the feature is turned on.

  • Some cheaper models LACK THE BASIC FEATURES that make a good freezer what it is, affordability and efficiency. For example, the Whirlpool AFB 601 does not come with such basics as INTERIOR LIGHTING and SAFETY GLASS SHELVING. Some units also require MANUAL DEFROSTING.

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