Whirlpool Fridge with freezer on top Model: 6WMV43NS

by George
(NSW Sydney )

Hi I purchased a Whirlpool Fridge five and half years ago believing Whirlpool to be a reliable and robust appliance. I was very mistaken. Just when it was out of warrenty it broke down. The freezer is still cold but the fridge part doesn't cool down. It started beeping one day and the little lights in the freezer which indicate min, medium and maximum were all flashing and when I pressed the alarm off button only the min and medium stayed on. I have had 2 repair people come and spent so much money already and they cannot figure out what is wrong. Very disappointing! Its as if the defrost mechanism is no longer working cause it forms frost in the freezer part and the fridge does not cool. I am never purchasing a Whirlpool product again. I will inform anyone who doesn't want to waste money to do the same. The irony of it all is that it lasted just through the warrenty period. Not one year more!!!

PH: 0410196607

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