Whirlpool GB2SHTXTS Bottom-Mount Refrigerator (21.9 cu.ft)

ENERGY STAR® (Gold Series) also in Black and White

ENERGY STAR® (Gold Series) also in Black and White

The Whirlpool GB2SHTXTS (21.9 cu. ft.) Refrigerator is one of the Gold Series and has a capacity of 21.9 cu. ft. and is fitted with 3 shelves and comes with an ice -maker. Being a bottom refrigerator it has a bottom freezer with a pull out drawer at the base of the unit.

Being an Energy Star compliant product, means it is one of the most energy-efficient products in its class. often exceeding federal energy-use standards.

    Interior Features

  • The REFRIGERATOR compartment has shelving that is made of spill-proof glass which is a great convenience.
  • There are also Humidity-Controlled Vegetable Bin, a Dairy Center for butter and cheeses and a Gallon Storage bin in the door space.
  • This comes with an internal water dispenser and has an Ice-Maker too.
  • The temperature control is digitally displayed for ease of reading.
  • In the FREEZER section there are 2 shelf-bins which can be pulled out for easy access.

      Exterior Features

  • The GB2SHTXT Stainless and the door and handle is reversible, with the freezer having a horizontal handle to pull out the freezer drawer.

      Dimension Specifications

    Overall Width 32.63 in.
    Overall Height 69.75 in.
    Overall Depth 30.88 in.
    Width (Inches): 32-5/8
    Total Volume: 21.9 Cu. Ft.
    Refrigerator Volume 15.6 cu ft
    Freezer Volume 6.3 cu ft


  • This refrigerator has a very good and accurate temperature management system which has been noted by a number of customers which is a really important advantage.
  • Another advantage of this unit is being Energy Star compliant it uses much less energy than one would expect and is environmentally friendly as well.
  • One advantage is the easy accessible Water Filter, which is located inside the fridge, at the top right of the unit, which makes it very easy and convenient to change.
  • The Water Dispenser is just inside the door on the left making it very convenient.
  • There are two Humidity Control Crispers which have individual settings. Underneath the crispers there is a Full Width Shelf, with a clear window which enables you to look into it easily.
  • All the shelves in the door are fully adjustable, and some of them have a durable rubber-plastic liner , which can be removed and washed.


  • The main disadvantage of this model is the bottom mount freezer, which is a pull-out drawer system - When full this drawer can get pretty heavy and difficult at times.
  • Although there are two baskets in the freezer – they actually take up quite a bit of usable space which reduced the usable capacity of the freezer. Some customers have discovered a few irritating noises.
  • The interior water filter requires two hands to properly dispense the water which is a real nuisance.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • accurate temperature control
  • great features
  • Energy Star with low energy use
  • great value for money
  • really good size refrigerator
  • excellent features
  • easy refrigerator to access
  • good looking
  • built-in automatic ice maker
  • reverse osmosis water filter,

  • less freezer space due to shelf system
  • few odd noises
  • bottom freezer less space that standard size
  • dispenser difficult to use

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Highly Recommend - Great Refrigerator
    by: Anonymous

    Whirlpool Refrigerator GB2SHTXTS I purchased this refrigerator about a year ago and I can say that I really like it a lot. I have it in stainless steel and it goes well with my decor. It was quite expensive and pretty much top of the line but it was worth purchasing.

    It has spill guard glass shelves, which stops the spills from running down the refrigerator. It was easy to install and it looks great in my kitchen. One thing to note about this refrigerator is that it is energy star qualified. Since I am a ?green living? person, I am glad that it is energy efficient.

    Pros of this refrigerator are that it has a freezer at the bottom. You don?t go into the freezer as often as you do the main part and that makes is convenient. So you go to the bottom when you need the freezer instead of it being at the top.

    Another pro is that this particular refrigerator gives you filtered water which is really nice. You don?t have that ?city water? after taste and it is very cold and refreshing.

    This refrigerator has cons also, it only comes in three colors and that is limiting to people that want more of variety of colors. It is also really large and it takes up quite a bit of space and that is another con.

    So even though I was able to get this refrigerator for my present home, I wouldn?t have been able to fit it into my older house and that would have been a shame. Overall, I would recommend this refrigerator to anyone that is out shopping for one. I think that you would be very pleased because it looks great and it is made well.

  • It has a freezer at the bottom.
  • This particular refrigerator gives you filtered water which is really nice.

  • Only comes in three colors
  • It is also really large and it takes up quite a bit of space

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