Whirlpool GOLD French Door Stainless Refrigerator GI6SDRXXY "CEE Tier 3 Energy Star" 25.5 cu ft

6th Sense™ Technology : Chill™ Temp Management : Tap Touch Controls

6th Sense™ Technology : Chill™ Temp Management : Tap Touch Controls

This highly energy efficient Whirlpool GOLD GI6SDRXXY French Door Refrigerator is not only Energy Star® qualified, but has CEE Tier 3 energy efficiency, making you considerable savings up to 30% on your energy costs.

Fitted with the innovative Touch Tap Controls, and white led lighting this is a truly top of the range cold storage cabinet.
Not only does it have the 6th Sense Technology, but with the AccuChil feature, returns food to a desired temperature in 50% less time that would be expected.

    Interior Features

  • Together with the Energy Star® feature and the Cee Tier 3 facility, this refrigerator Resource Saver not only reaches but exceeds government standards on conserving energy, giving you a massive saving on your annual energy usage of 481 kWh/year, or 30% less than the federal standard and making it the MOST EFFICIENT refrigerator available.
  • Coming with the ADS Defrost system, this innovative 'Adaptive Defrost System reduces the number of times your refrigerator goes through the defrost process, as the compressor monitors the 'run-time' and the 'on time' of the evaporator heater.
  • Your refrigerator will be well illuminated with the energy efficient Multipoint White LED Lighting, which casts more natural on your food.
  • with the Tap Touch Electronic Controls you have one of the most advanced features that Whirlpool as to offer, where a high tech screen gives you personal interaction with your refrigerator, allowing you to navigate with finger tip control through its features.
  • Featuring an Exterior Dispenser his thru the door Ice and Water dispenser gives easy access to chilled and filtered water and ice, without having to open the refrigerator door.
  • With the Pur Water Filtration, not only is more space is created with this filtration system, (which only needs replacing every 6 months) and which reduces unwanted impurities from your drinking water, but you will not need to purchase any more bottled water.
  • Any accidental spills are easily mopped away with the Spill-Guard Glass Shelves, which also enable you to have better access to the rear of the refrigerator as well as preventing any drips from contaminating lower shelves.
  • Whatever the occasion you will have all the ice you need with this factory installed Ice-Maker, which is in the FREEZER section and which offer the choice of both Cubed and Crushed Ice.
  • With the No-Slip Blue Door Bin Mats, storage is simplified as these innovative door bin mats keep items in an upright position and are fully removable to provide easier cleaning.
  • Food will stay fresher for longer with the transparent, extra deep crisper Humidity-Controlled Crispers, keeping fruits and vegetables preserved for longer.
  • A Temperature controlled Full-Width Pantry gives you more versatility and storage options, letting you store a range of platters, sheet cakes and party fare.
  • Other excellent features include:
  • There is a useful Freezer And Refrigerator Light, providing good illumination and making it easier to find the required items.
  • Other Features include the innovative 6th Sense Technology, Fast Cool Option and Dispenser Control Lock.

      Exterior Features

  • The Monochromatic Stainless Steel : GI6SDRXXY comes in TWO further color and finishes: - White-on-White : GI6SDRXXQ and Black : GI6SDRXXB.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth Height: 70 1/8 Inches
    Depth: 35 1/4 Inches
    Width: 35 5/8 Inches
    Freezer Capacity: 6.6
    Refrigerator Capacity: 18.9
    Total Volume: 25.5 Cu. Ft.


  • If you are one that likes to prepare food and party fare ahead of time, you will find that the WIDE PANTRY Shelves are a great advantage as are the SPILLPROOF glass shelving, which makes cleaning up spillages so easy.
  • The NON SLIP Bin Mats, although a very simple concept are a great help, as it keeps items easily in an upright position.
  • Customers really do consider that the POWER OUTAGE Alert is a real advantage, as it informs you how long the power was switched off.


  • For those with a smaller kitchen or on a tight budget, this may be prove not to be an option.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • excellent energy efficiency
  • wide shelving
  • slip resistant bin mats
  • 6th sense technology
  • The LED lighting
  • tap touch controls
  • crush and cubed ice

  • pricey
  • not a budget refrigerator

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    Aug 24, 2015
    disappointed NEW
    by: mom of 2

    Bought this unit from Lowes in 5/2012. Within 3 months the compressor went, lost all my fridge contents and ice melted out of ice maker all over my floor. Lowes replaced the entire thing! Hurray for Lowes.
    Three years later and my kitchen has (had) a beautiful new hardwood floor. Refrigerator seems to have the same problem again. I came home from a weekend away to warm contents and a soaking wet wood floor that was beginning to buckle. I bought the 4 year warranty plan from Lowes and I'm glad I did. After paying a little less than $2000 for this product, I expected better performance and certainly not a home owners insurance claim.

    Nov 01, 2012
    Great Looking
    by: Anonymous

    My husband and I just oredered this refrigerator at Lowes with a five year warrenty covering everything..parts and labor. It is suppossed to be quiet, but after reading an above comment, I'm not sure. We paid $1,358, which I thought was a good price for Whirlpool Gold. It seems to have everything I need a few more bells and whistles too. I guess only time will tell...that's why I also got the 5 year protection plan, since it was so cheap!

    May 24, 2011
    Have had it for one month
    by: Coral Springs Florida

    Love the looks and the functionality. Price was good at Lowe's. My concern is it is rather loud, and runs for a long time. I hope it is not broken. The manual says it has a longer running cycle time due to it's high efficiency motor??? I called customer service and they said the same thing. We shall see....

    May 09, 2011
    Enery Efficient
    by: KathyG_NC

    This costs only $50 per year to operate. In time it will pay for itself. It's a very nice looking machine. Mine gets delivered in a couple of days and I am really looking forward to owning it. Found great sale from Lowes plus they were also offering a military discount. Overall, we got about a $700 discount. End cost before tax and deliver was around $1700. Not bad at all!

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