Whirlpool Gold GI7FVCXXY 26.6 cu ft French Door 'Latiude' Refrigerator Monochtromatic Stainless

Energy Star ; Temperature Management : Spacious

Energy Star ; Temperature Management : Spacious

Energy Star ; Temperature Management : Spacious

This 27cu ft capacity Whirlpool GOLD GI7FVCXXY is a French Door 'Latitude' Refrigerator, which make the MOST of all the refrigeration space for fresh food.

An In-Door-Ice ice and water dispensing is designed to move the ICE BIN into the door space, effectively creating a whole extra shelf of storage space.
This refrigerator also provides you with deeper door bins and extra crisper space as well as a hidden water filter.
This is also a FIRST in the the innovative Measured Fill dispenses, which gives the exact amount of water in cups, liters or ounces that is required.

    Interior Features

  • ENERGY STAR® : Having the Energy Star® this feature means that it not only reaches government standards on conserving energy, but also will save you up to 20% off your total energy costs.
  • LARGE CAPACITY : This is a refrigerator that is designed to give you the MOST fresh food space available, in a French Door cabinet, while marinating the same exterior dimensions.
  • IN-DOOR-ICE BUCKET : This feature comes with a Window, LED light and Tilt Out shelf for easy access, while freeing up more freezer space by moving the Ice Bucket into the door space.
  • EXTRA DEEP DOOR BINS : You get even more available space that the usual French Door bins, with these deep bins, which also are able to keep gallon containers.
  • SCREEN DISPENSER : With this innovative exterior dispenser, you have finger tip control when dispensing filtered water or ice.
  • FEATURES : This cleverly dispenses the exact quantity of water you require in glasses, measuring in either ozs or cups. A Slide Out Tray and a rotating faucet also make is much easier to fill unusual shaped containers.
  • PUR® WATER FILTRATION : Not only is more space created with this filtration system, (which only needs replacing every 6 months) which reduces unwanted impurities from your drinking water, but you will not need to purchase any more bottled water.
  • ADS Defrost : This innovative 'Adaptive Defrost System' reduces the number of times your refrigerator goes through the defrost process, as the compressor monitors the 'run-time' and the 'on time' of the evaporator heater.
  • ACCU-CHILL TEMP MANAGEMENT : The 'Double Tub' construction provides accurate temperature control with 'Foam-In-Place' doors in both the refrigerator and freezer doors, provide you with a very accurate temperature.
  • FULL-WIDTH PANTRY : Giving you more versatility and storage options, this pantry lets you store a range of platters, sheet cakes and party fare.
  • HUMIDITY-CONTROLLED CRISPERS : The freshness of your favorite fruits and vegetables will be preserved for longer, with the controlled humidity levels in this transparent and extra deep crisper.
  • SPILL-GUARD GLASS SHELVES : Quickly and easily clean up any messy spillages on these adjustable and slide out shelves, which enable you to have better access to the rear of the refrigerator as well as preventing any drips from contaminating lower shelves.
  • NO-SLIP DOOR MATS : Storage is simplified with this innovative door bin mats, which keep items in an upright position and are fully removable to provide easier cleaning.
  • ICE-MAKER : In the FREEZER section you have a factory installed icemaker, which offer the choice of both Cubed and Crushed Ice
  • DRAWER FREEZER DOOR : The generous size storage drawer in the freezer door have been designed to make organization of the freezer much easier, and has the benefit of sliding in and out for easier access.
  • FREEZER BINS : The upper Slide-Out bins make it even easier of find what you are looking or and there is a convenient Lower Freezer Bin as well.
  • FREEZER and REFRIGERATOR LIGHT : There is a useful light in the freezer section as well as the refrigerator compartment, providing good illumination and making it easier to find the required items.

      Exterior Features

  • This Monochromatic Stainless Steel refrigerator : GI7FVCXXY comes in THREE further color and finishes: -, Black : GI7FVCXXB and White-on-White : GI7FVCXXQ.
  • DOOR FINISH : The smooth finish of the door and the contrasting dispenser adds to the good looks of this cabinet.
  • POWER OUTAGE ALERT : This excellent alert system, is also a food safety alert, as it not only lets you know that there has been a power outage, but informs you how long the power was switched off.
  • DOOR ALARM : This is a useful alert which lets you know if the door has been inadvertently left open, fully of partially.

      Dimension Specifications

    Height: 70 1/8 Inches
    Depth: 35 1/4 Inches
    Width: 35 5/8 Inches
    Total Volume: 26.6 Cu. Ft.
    Freezer Capacity: 6.9
    Refrigerator Capacity: 19.7


  • Being Energy Star® means that you will save up to 20% off your cold storage electricity bills.
  • The Double Tub INSULATION is a further energy saving consideration as it gives excellent insulation and maintaining GOOD TEMPERATURE control.
  • the TILT OUT shelf is an advantage, giving easier access to the ice stored in the door.
  • Having a design that gives extra space , such as the extra deep door bins and crispers is a read advantage.
  • The TouchScreen Colored dispenser is a real one 'for the Jones' and an advantage for the householder that wants to be ahead of the field.
  • The ROTATING Dispenser Faucet is an advantage when trying to fill those awkward shaped jugs and containers.
  • Having the ful width pantry is great advantage for forward preparation of platters for that important occasion .
  • Customers always have happy with the SpillProosf GLASS shelves, which makes refrigerator maintenance so much easier.
  • One feature that is a big hit with customers is the POWER OUTAGE Alert., which not only alerts you to a power cut but ensure that you do not refreeze foods that may be thawed and been refrozen, which can be a health hazard.


  • This is a refrigerator that has so many additional features and gadgets that some feel that this is rather over the top!

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Energy Star®
  • ice bucket
  • deep door bins
  • LED TouchScreen dispenser.
  • rotating faucet
  • good insulation
  • accurate temperature
  • wide shelf pantry
  • glass spill proof shelving
  • door alarm

  • too fussy
  • high price

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