Whirlpool GOLD GS2KVAXVS Side-by-Side Refrigerator Stainless Steel 21.8 cu ft

Spill-Guard :  Energy Star®  : Gallon Door Storage: Energy Star®  :

Spill-Guard : Energy Star® : Gallon Door Storage: Energy Star® :

This stunning looking Whirlpool GOLD Side-by-Side Refrigerator is the 21.8cu ft GS2KVAXVS, which will help save resources and money with this Energy Star® status and 6th Sense Temperature management system. This innovative feature has its built in , automatic cooling sensors, which lower the temperature of your food to the required temperature in less that half the usual time. If comes with a good range storage, shelves and bins to meet all your cold storage needs and with its classic styling and good looks will grace any kitchen

    Interior Features

  • 6th Sense Technology : This innovative temperature management cool your food, TWICE as quickly, when the FAST COOL option is selected, and will run continuously for 24 hours, unless deselected.
  • Spill-Guard Glass Shelves : Quickly and easily clean up any messy spillages on these ADJUSTABLE and slide out shelves, which enable you to have better access to the rear of the refrigerator as well as preventing any drips from contaminating lower shelves.
  • Gallon Door Storage : Storage in the door is full width and the large, OPAQUE door bins in this refrigerator can store gallon containers. They are ADJUSTABLE, allowing you to customize the interior of your refrigerator to accommodate your needs and preferences.
  • Other Storage : Other useful storage includes Clear Temperature-Controlled MEAT PAN and a Clear Adjustable SNACK PAN .

  • Ice-Maker : In the FREEZER section you have a factory installed ice-maker, which offer the choice of both Cubed and Crushed Ice. Other Freezer Storage : includes Wire Freezer Baskets , which easily stores boxes of food and other frozen items, Full-Width Adjustable Slide-out Freezer Shelves and Fixed Freezer Door Storage.
  • ADS Defrost : This innovative 'Adaptive' Defrost System REDUCES the number of times your refrigerator goes through the defrost process, as the compressor monitors the run-time' and the 'on time' of the evaporator heater.
  • Energy Star : Having the Energy Star® this feature means that not only reaches government standards on conserving energy, but also will save you up to 20% off your total energy costs.
  • PUR WATER FILTRATION : Not only is more space is created with this filtration system, (which only needs replacing every 6 months) which reduces unwanted impurities from your drinking water, but you will not need to purchase any more bottled water.

      Exterior Features

  • One Color Option : The Stainless Steel : GS2KVAXVS only comes in this ONE color and finishes. Door : This Contoured, classic door styling has a smooth door finish and is stunning contrasting black ice and water dispenser.
  • Controls : The externally situated Electronic Temperature Controls, are designed for east of use, with Fast Cool and Fast Ice option together with a convenient 5 minute delay Door Alarm.

      Dimension Specifications

    Height: 67 1/4 Inches.
    Depth: 35 1/4 Inches
    Width: 32 3/4 Inches Total Volume: 21.8 Cu. Ft.
    Freezer Capacity: 7.4 Cu. Ft.
    Refrigerator Capacity: 14.4 Cu. Ft.


  • Having a door alarm that is delayed by 5 minutes is a wonderful feature, as it does not fail to alert you when the door is accidentally left ajar, but also does not sound when delay to close the door in normal use.


  • Knowing that his has so many excellent features and functions, some customers were surprised and disappointed that this refrigerator had NO child lock and NO door Lock.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • electronic dispenser
  • LCD controls on dispenser
  • dispenser lock out
  • interior lighting
  • meat pan and crispers
  • gallon door bins
  • 6th sense temp. management
  • exterior electronic controls

  • no child lock
  • no door lock
  • high price bracket

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