Whirlpool Gold GS6SHEXML Side By Side Extra-Wide Refrigerator with In-Door Ice Dispenser 25.5 cu ft

This ‘Conquest’ side-by-side refrigerator comes with improved interior styling, including an UltraEasePlus Water Filtration, which means that the ice is moved into the refrigerator door space to free up more space in the refrigerator cabinet.

The Whirlpool GS6SHEXML is a side-by-side refrigerator, with a door-mounted, easy- to-use dispenser, swiftly dispenses ice and doubles as a useful ice bucket for entertaining.

    Interior Features

  • The REFRIGERATOR compartment there is an In-Door-Air Door Cooling System, which maintains a lower temperature at the point where it is needed and also has an Integrated Can Rack. There is a useful Drop-Down Shelf with a choice of three separate positions to enable you to Add-a-Space to your unit when needed. Whirlpool are proud of their EZ range of features and this refrigerator comes with an EZ-Vue Plus Humidity-Controlled Crisper, an EZ-Vue Plus Temperature-Controlled Meat Pan and an EZ-Vue Snack Pan.
  • there is even a convenient Wine Rack for those special occasions when you need that all important bottle of chilled wine.
  • You will not have any more problems of where to store those extra large container and cartons of milk as there are some EZ-Tote, Taller Clear Gallon Door Bins.
  • In addition there are 2 No-Slip Blue Door Bin Mats and 2 Tilt-Out Freezer Door Bins to make storage and retrieval of food in your refrigerator and freezer a simple operation.
  • There is an In-Door-Ice Ice and Water Dispensing System, which dispenses ice and filtered water conveniently and has a useful Lockout and Auto LED night light, for those times that you need a glass of water in the dark. There is a useful Filter and Indicator Light which has an 6 Month UltraEase Plus Filtration System with EZ-Change.
  • The FREEZER section comes with it is own Triple-Action Freezer Shelf as well as three, Triple Tall Freezer Baskets and a very Handy Ice Pak.
  • There are easy to use and easy-to-reach SideWise Electronic Controls making temperature adjustment to the refrigerator compartment and the freezer section quick and easy.
  • This refrigerator is an energy efficient refrigerator with the Energy Star label which ensures energy efficiency and reduced running costs.

      Exterior Features

  • This refrigerator comes in Satina Stainless Look with a black cabinet and trim (GS6SHEXML) and white (GS6SHEXMLQ)and has stylish looking contoured doors and Conquest Full-Length Door Handles.

      Dimension Specifications

    Freezer Volume(cu. ft.): 6.4
    Refrigerator Volume(cu. ft.): 15.3
    Total Volume: 21.5 Cu. Ft.


  • The 'Add-A- Space' shelves make is so easy if you need to alter the layout of the interior of your refrigerator to accommodate taller items.
  • The various features connected with the through-the-door dispenser are a great advantage, especially the automatic night Led lighting, the filter indicator light and the electronic lockout feature.
  • The filtration system is an advantage too, as the EZ- change feature makes changing the filer a quick and simple operation. What an advantage it is to have an in-door-air door cooling system, as this is designed to keep the temperature in the door section cooler, and prevent the inevitable temperature rising with frequent usage. Being able to have all your favorite drinks and beverages stored in the can rack is an added advantage.
  • The EZ-Vue range of features in this model are also a great has advantage as it makes it so much easier to see all that is stored in your refrigerator.
  • The deep door bins and the tilt out features also add another dimension to the advantages in this refrigerator.
  • The SideWise Electronic Controls make is very easy and quick to make temperature alterations when desired and are conveniently placed.


  • Some customers were concerned that the freezer was running too cold.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good looks
  • large freezer
  • reliable
  • good water filter alert
  • easy to replace water filter
  • good capacity
  • good interior lay-out

  • Cons
  • lots of repairs needed
  • freezer too cold

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    Oct 03, 2010
    a good investment
    by: Anonymous

    We bought Whirlpool Gold Side by Side refrigerator GS6SHEXML about 5 years ago when we bought our house.

    The refrigerator has been a good investment to say the least. Since we use a lot of our food to freeze and use it later on we like the large freezer with this model. The cooling has not changed a bit in the last five years of our use.

    Water filter needs to be changed every six months. Water Filter indicator light turns yellow to give a warning and than turns red to give you ample warning and reminder to do this task very easily. It is as easy as turning a light switch on/off. We have changed one light bulb in the past five years which should give a good indication of the quality of the product.

    The refrigerator has a good capacity and ample of shelf space for all food items for a growing up family of four.

    Both the freezer and refrigerator section are well lit and bright. The doors have good layout for holding quick to retrieve food articles as well.

    The side walls of the refrigerator are black while the front is stainless steel matt finish and not pure stainless steel.

    The water dispenser does give ample amount of cold water and makes enough ice for a large family. We have never run out of ice during our 5 years of having this refrigerator. The water dispenser has a night light feature, which is helpful too.

  • Great cooling.
  • Ample capacity.
  • Great layout

  • PVC/Plastic handles on stainless steel don't look so great.
  • The quality of Stainless steel is not the best quality since a magnet will stick on the stainless steel as well.

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