whirlpool stainless look side by side model ED5GVEXVDO5

by Tabitha

I purchased my whirlpool refrigerator despite the bad reviews I had read. I was hoping I could write a good review but that is not the case. Several months after the purchase the interior back wall started to crack. A rep came out and put some putty along the cracks. Once the putty dried it looked like something a child would have done and then not long after the cracks reappeared. Another rep sent pictures of the poor work to whirlpool. It took many phone calls with long hold times to be told that they had not received the pics that had been sent several times. Talk about giving somebody the run around. I was definitely being given the run around. As of today this has been going on for almost 5 months. Today after holding for 10 minutes I was told they have the pictures but tech support would need to call the rep and more than likely since its basically cosmetic I would have to live with a putty painted cracked refrigerator. I feel this is unfair. I did not buy a scratch and dent nor did I pay scratch and dent price. I feel that whirlpool should stand behind their product.

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