Whirlpool W8TXNWMWB Top-Freezer Refrigerator Black 17.6 cu ft

Automatic Ice-Maker

Automatic Ice-Maker

With a factory installed ice-maker and an automatic defrost system, the Whirlpool W8TXNWMWB is a top-freezer refrigerator that will add style and functionality to your cold-storage requirements and is offered it two colors.

There is a full-width fixed refrigerator door storage with crispers that are in a cool white finish with wire shelves and half-width freezer storage too.

    Interior Features

  • In the REFRIGERATOR section we find that there is a useful Fixed Utility Compartment as well as a white crisper drawer that will keep your fresh fruit and salad in tip top fresh crispness.
  • There are fixed bins in the door section which are the full width of the door.
  • Like the door bins the refrigerator shelves are also the full width of the refrigerator and are made of wire. The FREEZER section comes with an Automatic Ice Maker, which is a Factory Installed item and there is also a convenient ice- bucket in which to keep all your ice cubes.
  • Frozen food can be stored on the Half-Width Fixed Wire Freezer Shelf and there is additional storage in the Fixed Freezer Door Storage.
  • An Automatic Defrost System takes away the tedious task of defrosting the freezer unit and it has a timer, with a limit switch to trigger a heater that melts away any build up of frost, so you do not have to empty the freezer first.
  • The easy-to-reach up-front temperature controls make it easy to adjust the interior temperature of your unit.
  • Keeping your temperature managed to your requirements is simple to use and easy to reach, with the Up-Front Temperature Controls, making temperature adjustment to the refrigerator compartment and the freezer section quick and easy.

      Exterior Features

  • This Whirlpool refrigerator is available in TWO great colors: Black (W8TXNWMWB) and White (W8TXNWMWQ)
  • The doors come with a smooth, textured finish.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 32 3/8 Inches
    Height: 67 7/8 Inches
    Width: 28 Inches
    Freezer Capacity: 4.1 Cu. Ft.
    Refrigerator Capacity: 13.5 Cu. Ft.
    Total Capacity: 17.6 Cu. F


  • Not all top-freezer refrigerator are fitted with and automatic factory installed ice-maker, so it is an advantage to have this feature in this top-freezer unit.
  • Another advantage is the auto defrost system which includes a timer switch and a limit switch as well as a heater that switches on at the appropriate time to defrost the build up of ice.


  • This is a refrigerator that does not have very many features.
  • This refrigerator was not designed with the Energy Star label, which indicates that it will have a higher running cost than a comparable Energy Star compliant model.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • nice-looking refrigerator
  • automatic ice maker
  • automatic defrost
  • easy to reach temperature controls
  • some good storage options in the freezer section

  • No Energy Star
  • very few decent features

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