White Energy Star® Frigidaire "Gallery Series" Chest Freezer FGCH20M7LW (19.7-cu ft)

Lock with Pop out Key : Bright Interior Lighting

Lock with Pop out Key : Bright Interior Lighting

This large white Frigidaire chest freezer has a 19.7 cu. ft. capacity and is part of the 'Gallery' series. It has the Energy Star® rating which ensures that your freezer is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

TO keep your freezer and frozen produce safe and secure there is a Lock with Pop-Out Key and the Bright LIGHTING ensure that you will be able see well into the recesses of this freezer. With a manual defrost system, this freezer has a very useful DEFROST WATER DRAIN, and an adjustable TEMPERATURE Control.

    Interior Features

  • 'STORE-MORE' BASKETS: there are THREE Lift-out Sliding Baskets, to give you easy access to your freezer food, ,and they are easily removed when you want to delve into the lower section of the freezer.
  • Energy Star® : important feature that gives you an energy efficient unit that will keep your energy costs lower than normal, saving up to 20% off your energy bills.
  • LOCK WITH POP-OUT KEY : kids safety feature which keeps your freezer door shut and securely locked. The key automatically ejects to prevent being left in the lock.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL : giving greater flexibility.
  • POWER ON LIGHT : let you know that your freezer is functioning.
  • INTERIOR LIGHT: this is a good bright light giving good interior .illumination.
  • DEFROST WATER DRAIN : this is a great attribute when you come to defrost your freezer as it removes all the interior excess water, quickly and easily.

      Exterior Features

  • With a CSA rating as a HOUSEHOLD freezer, this is a really large WHITE freezer that is ideal for a large family and can be stored in an out building or garage with ease.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 29 ½ Inches
    Height: 35 Inches
    Width: 61 ¼ Inches
    Total Volume: 19.7 Cu. Ft.


  • Easy to access LIFT-OUT SLIDING BASKETS make it really easy to keep all the food you want to access quickly, within easy reach.
  • Knowing that this is a freezer that will need to be defrosted temporarily, having the DEFROST WATER DRAIN is a great advantage, as it takes much of the hard work out of defrosting the system.
  • An INTERIOR LIGHT is a great bonus in a chest freezer, making it so much easier to see what is stored inside.
  • Great advantage having an Energy Star® chest freezer as many are not rated. This has the advantage of getting good ENERGY SAVING , while having a freezer that is environmentally friendly.


  • This is a freezer that needs to be defrosted manually, which is always a chore, especially difficult when a freezer is such a large size.
  • It is never easy to access the Frozen foods at the bottom of a chest freezer, especially if you are not too tall and sometimes food can get forgotten.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • pop out lock and key
  • Energy Star®
  • interior light
  • defrost drain

  • manual defrost
  • deep for smaller people

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