White Kenmore (19702) Chest Freezer (Easy Clean Interior) 6.9 cu ft

Easy-rolling design : Removable basket : Flush Back Design

Easy-rolling design : Removable basket : Flush Back Design

The Kenmore 19702 is a moderate size and reasonably priced white chest freezer. With a 6.9 cu ft capacity, this is a manual defrost freezer, with flush back and easy roll design. The is a good size storage basket, which can either slide or be removed for easy access.

    Interior Features

  • Manual Defrost: this is not frost free freezer and requires manual defrosting.

  • Interior: the cabinet of this freezer is an 'easy clean', which makes defrosting the cabinet much simpler and easier.
  • Capacity: this has a capacity of 6.5 cu ft
  • Removable Basket : there is ONE WIRE Slide Out Basket that moves to and fro to give access into the lower part of the freezer.
  • Not Energy Star® : this is not Energy Star® although is has been identified as a fairly economical freezer.
  • Door Shelves : the door shelves are adjustable giving a certain amount of flexibility in organizing your freezer.
  • Controls : the mechanical controls are adjustable, to allow you to set the temperature you require.

      Exterior Features

  • Color This comes in the traditional overall White freezer color. The door has a smooth finish to it.
  • Hinge: this design of the hinges are balanced for easier opening.
  • Back Design: the back of this freezer fits flush to the wall, taking up less flooring space.
  • Castors: the castors on this model are an easy roll design.


  • This is a GOOD SIZE for those that do not what an oversize freezer and is compact while holding a good amount of frozen food.
  • Although this is not a frost free freezer, nonetheless it comes with an easy clean interior, which makes defrosting so much easier.
  • It is an advantage having the flush back design, especially in a smaller kitchen as it takes up much less room.


  • One customer was very disappointed in his freezer as his one just STOPPED WORKING despite the power on light being lit.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • good price
  • nice size
  • flush back design
  • easy roll design
  • removable storage basket
  • easy clean interior
  • very compact
  • very efficient
  • great price
  • quiet
  • energy efficient

  • stopped working
  • not Energy Star®
  • manual defrost

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    Mar 14, 2015
    chinese crap NEW
    by: Anonymous

    I guess I should not complain I got a whole 3.5 years out of mine before the compressor locked up. My dad still has the chest freezer he had when I was a kid (a Kenmore) Im in my late 40's now. New compressor is $90 off ebay, may go that route.

    Jan 19, 2013
    No freeze
    by: Anonymous

    no freezes .. was 14 months, only one year warranty ...

    Nov 01, 2012
    Sears Rip Off
    by: Anonymous

    My Mother is Ninety Two years old and wake up to water on the bottom and food spoiled,Hers was purchase 9/28/11 and out of warranty....

    Oct 26, 2012
    stopped after 15 months
    by: Anonymous

    Freezer just loaded with expensive lamb, cornish hens, pheasant etc. and then it stopped and all the food spoiled. Light was on, but not cold. Did not discover until smell from downstairs made it to the second floor. Horrible to empty and clean. Freezer is only 15 months old.

    Oct 11, 2012
    by: Lou

    I purchased this model 255.19702010 in 2000 and it is still running like a charm. I just wanted to give a little positive feedback since there is soo much negative posted. My experience is that you can get a faulty product of any brand, but of course that doesn't mean they are all bad.
    Good day !! Lou

    Sep 15, 2012
    Dies after 1 year
    by: Anonymous

    Compressor went after 1 year!!!! sears will not help..

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