White Kenmore (60722) Freezerless Refrigerator (narrow model) 16.7 cu ft

Counter-depth design and narrow 32 in. width

Counter-depth design and narrow 32 in. width

The Kenmore 60722 FREEZERLESS refrigerator is a stylish unit that provides ample storage space for food and beverages, and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

For those looking for a supplemental cooling and storage space, you are looking for a supplementary fridge with a basic, NO FRILLS design.

    Main Key Features

  • The Kenmore 60722 comes with an INTERNAL HEATER that makes it suitable in unheated conditions such as in the garage.
  • The unit does not come with a freezer so you have more space for your fruit, desserts, beverages and other food.
  • The unit comes with two ADJUSTABLE SHELVES so that you can store any size of beverage or water container.
  • The unit comes in a TEXTURED finish. The classic white exterior makes this unit perfect for any kind of kitchen.
  • The standard INTERIOR LIGHTING makes rooting inside the compartments easy to do.
  • The simple KNOB CONTROLS are easy to use and to get used to. With the right controls, you can keep your food safe and fresh even in unheated areas.
  • Despite the small size, do not be fooled. It comes in a COUNTER-DEPTH design and narrow 32-in. width that allows the user to place the unit virtually anywhere.
  • The unit can hold up to 585 pounds of fresh food. This way you do not have to make so many trips to and from the grocery store. The COMPACT design, however, makes this the perfect unit for a garage or a basement.
  • You can easily accommodate changing storage needs with the ADJUSTABLE WIRE SHELVEs that are built in to this model. The adjustable wire shelving can be moved or removed entirely to make way for tall water or beverage containers.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 26-5/8 in.
    Height 65-3/4 in.
    Width 32 in.
    Capacity 16.7 cu. ft.


  • The main advantage to this unit is that it is CHEAP and SMALL ENOUGH to serve as an extra cooling and storage for party leftovers or fruits and vegetables for those who like to buy in bulk.
  • When it comes to space, the unit comes with a large capacity because it is wide and deep enough for additional storage needs.
  • The unit is also DURABLE enough and comes with a compressor and a fan for added efficiency even if you place this unit in an unheated room like the garage.


  • One of the common complaints is that there is a CRACKING NOISE that the unit makes after several months of use.
  • The front panel can also get very hot.
    And although the unit has a lot of space, some think that the unit is designed to be extra wide but is NOT DEEP ENOUGH.
  • Because it is designed for supplementary storage, this is not the unit for those looking for one with frills such as water dispensers and ice makers, nor does it have water filters and air filtration.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • Stylish and small enough to fit anywhere
  • Quiet operation
  • Contains basic features with no frills
  • Easy to clean

  • Cracking noise
  • Front panel gets hot
  • Space is not deep enough for most storage needs
  • Some users complain that this unit does not maintain a constant temperature very well
  • Limited color options

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    Sep 25, 2014
    16.7 cu. ft. white freezerless refrigerator NEW
    by: Lucy

    I need a 16.7 cu. ft. white freezerless refrigerator delivered by next week

    Sep 10, 2010
    Basic model but preforems very well
    by: Anonymous

    The counter-depth design Kenmore 6072holds up to 585 lbs of fresh food and drinks and is designed to operate in unheated locations so is a useful second cold-storage facility that can be stored in an unheated garage or store room of 10*F
    It is only 32” wide so is suitable for those fairly narrow spaces.

    It is a fairly basic model and comes in white, with some good features, but it lacks many of the storage bins and spill proof type shelving that is fast becoming accepted as the norm.
    This is a good cold-larder for a family that is watching their costs- but it should be noted that this does not have Energy Star compliance.

    There are two adjustable wire- shelves, which are removable for ease of access and cleaning and the interior lighting is fairly standards and certainly adequate.

    This refrigerator door is a flat, textured style. There is ample space in this convenient freezerless appliance, which is only 32” wide and so will fit into fairly narrow spaces.

    • This is a good size refrigerator, which takes lots of different sized packages and bottles. It is a great little performer which hold the temperature.
    • This model has proved to be a good performer both in the warm surroundings of the average kitchen as well as in the cold outhouse or garage which may drop to below freezing.
    • Wire shelving can be an advantage when storing home produced vegetables.

    • This is not an Energy Star compliant fridge and so does not have the savings and advantages of this ENERGY STAR badge.
    • There have been some temperature related problems with this model, where the required low temperature is not reached.
    • There is minimal options to make adjustments on the shelves which can limit performance.
    • There can be a issue with the shelving wire – particularly when storing bottles and cans – pity it does not have glass shelving.
    • There is adequate door storage but the height can be a but restrictive.

    • Excellent performance
    • Great temperature control
    • Good storage design

    • No Energy Star compliance
    • Can’t change door swing
    • Only available in white
    • No sound reduction options

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