WHITE LG (LTC22350WH) Top Freezer LoDecibel Refrigerator 22.1 cu ft

Also Available in Easy Steel Finish

Also Available in Easy Steel Finish

Available in Smooth White and Easy Steel finishes, LTC22350WH is a bottom freezer refrigerator from LG that is PRACTICAL and STRAIGHTFORWARD, providing you with DURABLE Performance, FUNCTIONAL Styling, and ENERGY Efficiency all in one neat, albeit a bit more TRADITIONAL Package.

It has a factory-installed ICE MAKER and an exterior styling feature that lends it a more sophisticated look.

    Interior Features

  • The factory-installed ice maker makes sure that you get filtered ice whenever needed.
  • The 22.1 cu ft. capacity assures you of ENOUGH STORAGE space for all your favorite food and frozen goods.
  • It comes with easy to use ELECTRONIC DISPLAY and electronic temperature controls.
  • The LoDecibel QUIET Operation makes sure that your refrigerator stays silent and vibration-free.
  • It has a shelf construction of TEMPERED GLASS, with 4 Shelves total.
  • It has 2 HUMIDITY CRISPER bins for all your fruits and vegetables.
  • The ice bin and CustomCube ice maker provides you with FILTERED ICE whenever you need it.
  • The separate dairy bin gives AMPLE SPACE for your bottled or packed dairy.
  • It is Energy Star-rated for REMARKABLE SAVINGS on your energy consumption.
  • The 60W REFRIGERATOR LIGHT provides easy visibility without consuming too much electricity.

      Exterior Features

  • The Exterior Styling Package from LG gives this traditional refrigerator a more finished, ELEGANT look.
  • The contoured doors provide a POLISHED STYLE while hidden hinges are just one of its many interior features.
  • It is also available in EASY STEEL FINISH, along with the Smooth White color, making this refrigerator an attractive component in your kitchen.

      Dimension Specifications

    Depth 31 3/4"
    Height 67 1/2"
    Width 32 7/8"


  • Rendered in a traditional design, the LTC22350WH bottom freezer refrigerator from LG comes in TWO COLORS: Smooth White and Easy Steel finish. Whether you crave for the classic appeal of a white refrigerator or the more updated and STYLISH LOOK of a steel-finish model, this offering from LG will surely be a good buy for your home. Its Contoured Doors and Hidden Hinges also reflect EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIp made to last for a long time.
  • This refrigerator is also ECO-FRIENDLY, as it is Energy Star-certified to ensure that you get EXCELLENT SAVINGS from your monthly electricity bills. LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION means lower monthly bills, while allowing you give back to the environment as well.
  • Another advantage to this refrigerator is its FACTORY-INSTALLED ICE MAKER, which allows you to make filtered ice conveniently for home parties and dinners. And with EXPERTLY ORGANIZED INTERIOR space, such as crisper bins, enough shelving, and a separate dairy bin, you know you have more than enough storage space for your provisions.
  • Its LoDecibel feature also results in SILENT OPERATION, making this refrigerator a necessity in your kitchen.


  • Although this practical refrigerator has a host of impressive features, one disadvantage has been reported by some consumers. It has LIMITED SHELVING OPTIONS compared to other models, which have ample shelving options for a host of items.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • energy-efficient
  • huge capacity, ample space
  • elegant look with exterior finishing
  • convenient ice maker
  • Energy Star-certified
  • electronic temperature controls
  • electronic display

  • limited shelving options

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