Wine Enthusiast (272 03 18) Silent 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

2-Temp Wine Refrigerator

2-Temp Wine Refrigerator

The Wine Enthusiast wine cooler is a pretty cool little machine to keep your wine cool and well preserved .

This model will hold 18 bottle in two different zones so you can keep your red and white wines together without needing to buy two machines for the job.

The overall look is very sleek and simple. The controls on the front are simple which will keep the wine between 46-64 degrees so your wine doesn't go sour. No one likes to have nasty wine after you spend a lot for it. I also like that there are no moving parts in this machine to break. It runs without coolant too! This will make the green power person in you scream for glee. I also like you can see your wine with its smoked glass window.

The gripe I do have is that even thou it does keep your wines in very good shape, you might have to chill your whites in the fridge so they are a little bit cooler.

The other problem is, that it doesn't come in chrome or white. I really wish it would come in chrome but the store I got it at said that it would have been a few week to special order it and I didn't have that long.

Overall I do really like this little cooler but I really wish I would have a little colder setting fro my white wine. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a nice, eco friendly machine for those nice wine nights.

  • Has to zone so you can have white and red wine in the same fridge
  • It is a eco friendly product

  • Wish it came in more finishes than what normal stores carry.
  • Wish that it cooled the white wine a little better but nothing major.

    I would give this a rating of 4 out of 5

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