Wine-Enthusiast produce an AFFORDABLE, Wide range of SILENT-running, ENERGY-Efficient ENVIRONMENTALLY-Friendly VIBRATION-FREE, Peltier-Effect THERMOELECTRIC Wine Coolers. Wine-Enthusiast started out as a mail-order company that sold a wide cabinets from a number of sources, including Eurocave, Le Cashe and Vinotheque and soon branched out with their own range of Wine-Enthusiast Wine Cabinets. In addition, Wine-Enthusiast also have a range of Wine Cellars called N’Finity ranging from Dues-Zone 23-Bottle wine cooler to a large multi-zone cooler which holds 340-Bottles.


Wine Cooler Overview


The THERMOELECTRIC form of cooling that is used in ALL Wine-Enthusiast wine coolers, contains no CFC gasses, which have been identified as so harmful to the environment. Being VIBRATION-FREE, Thermoelectric cooling, eliminates any disturbance or damage to the sedimentary deposits, in the maturing bottles of wine, which is the main problem with conventional refrigeration. An additional BUILT-IN FAN is used to expel the hot air produced and CIRCULATES the cooled air throughout the entire cabinet.

Wine-Enthusiast has recently launched a new line of wine cellars called N'FINITY that were designed based on the most common weaknesses of wine coolers and refrigerated wine cabinets found in user reviews.

Freestanding and Built -In

Wine-Enthusiast Wine Coolers and their Key Features


The size of Wine-Enthusiast Wine Coolers range from 6-Bottle coolers to 48-Bottle coolers - cross-section of their most popular ones are outlined below.


Many Wine-Enthusiast wine coolers have electronic touch-button controls. Using the easy to use touch pads you can choose the required temperature range, while the exact temperature, in Centigrade or Fahrenheit is displayed on the digital display.

For cabinets that have more than one temperature zone – each zone has a given temperature RANGE, from which to choose a preferred temperature. Generally one zone has a temperature appropriate for red wine and the other a temperature range more suitable for white wine. Occasionally the separate zones are interchangeable and can be used for storage of either red or white wine.

Security Lock

Many people do not like to leave their choice wines in unsecured cabinets and this is where many of the Wine-Enthusiast coolers are so popular as in many cases cabinets with more than one door, in general, both come fitted with their own set of locks and keys.



Quiet a number of the Wine-Enthusiast Wine Coolers are fitted with the popular REVERSIBLE HINGES, giving the opportunity to have fit either a left-swing or right-swing door. This is such a convenient feature, especially in the narrower units or the counter-top coolers, as this function often opens opportunities to position it in a place that is so much more convenient.

As Wine-Enthusiast wine-cooler doors are fitted with DOUBLE-PANE TEMPERED GLASS, you may be sure of getting a cooler that has very good thermal insulation. A good number also have the very classy looking smoky glass finish – and this type of door finish ensures that your precious wine is well protected from any damaging UV rays

Storage Racks

Although the number and design of the shelving is designed for each individual cooler - most are fitted with a number of REMOVABLE Chrome Storage Racks that Slide In And Out, giving you greater storage option for bottles that are larger, or smaller than the standard 750ml.


Popular Wine-Enthusiast Wine Coolers

WINE-ENTHUSIAST Wine Cellars – Popular Models

One of the most popular Wine-Enthusiastiast coolers is the Freestanding DUEL-ZONE Silent 24-Bottle TOUCHSCREEN Wine Refrigerator, which is an energy efficient, CFC-free thermoelectric cooler. With a total capacity of 24 bottles - the smaller, upper zone holds 8-bottles, while the larger, lower compartment holds 16-bottles.

Both upper and lower zones have INDIVIDUAL TEMPERATURE controls -with the upper zone having a temperature range if 46-65°F, while the lower section’s range is from 52-65°F

The EXTERIOR DIGITAL Touchscreen temperature display gives both Fahrenheit and Centigrade readings and the Reflective Thermopane SMOKED-GLASS DOOR protects the wine from harmful UV rays and has a smart recessed handle.

There are a total of 5 pull-out CHROME SHELVES, for easy access, 2 of which are in the top compartment and 3 in the lower.

Another very popular mode is the DUEL TEMPERATURE Silent 48-Bottle Double Door Wine Refrigerator, which has a smart Stainless Steel Trim Door and Black Internal Cabinet. Both left and right sections of this Freestanding cooler have a SEPARATE THERMOSTATS with the left compartment having a slightly lower range temperature level.

There is a total of 14 pull-out chrome shelves with STAINLESS STEEL TRIM and the interior is well lit with a Interior LED light and there is an INTERIOR temperature display with Push-Button Control.

The two FRENCH-STYLE doors have THERMOPANE glass doors, protecting the content from any harmful sunlight and has elegant stainless steel trim, easy-grip pull handles and LOCKS.

This is one of the MOST EXPENSIVE and LARGEST of the coolers that Wine-Enthusiast produces.

As with all Wine-Enthusiast wine coolers this model come with the virtually SILENT COOLING technology with no functioning vibration, to damage the sediment in the wine

The very popular FREESTANDING, 18-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator is a 2-Temperature wine cooler with the upper and lower sections both holding 9-Bottles each. The UPPER ZONE has a temperature range of 54-64°F, while the LOWER section’s temperature ranges from 46-64°F.

  • 4 pull-our Chromium Shelves
  • Interior LED light
  • Exterior Digital Control
  • Easy Touchscreen Access

This is a very elegant and good-looking cabinet come with a SINGLE DOOR in a most stunning looking, overall, BLACK finish. The REFLECTIVE smoked-glass in the door adds to the elegant designer style and with the controls being set across the centre of the door panel only adds to its great looks.

With DUEL-TEMPERATURE zones this swish-looking 12-Bottle Freestanding COUNTER-TOP Wine Cooler in sleek black and with flashy stainless steel trim and four chrome shelves is an asset to any wine connoisseur, who wants likes to keep his wine at exactly the right temperature.

The EXTERIOR DIGITAL Touchscreen, with easy temperature read-out is situated at the centre-top of the door, while the interior is beautifully lit with interior LED lighting.

  • weight : 38 lbs
  • height : 14 3/4”
  • width : 19 3/4”
  • depth : 19 ½”

The Thermopane door with smart stainless steel trim and RECESSED HANDLE in the side of the door, comes with protective reflective smoked glass and gives a really stylish appearance. One of the few countertop wine coolers with duel-zone temperature management, this silent-running VIBRATION-FREE wine cooler will look good anywhere.

This Wine-Enthusiast Silent 28 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator is a STAINLESS STEEL WINE COOLER with a sleek black interior:-

  • freestanding only
  • single one wine cooler
  • temperature range 54-66°F
  • 28 bottle capacity
  • 6 pull-our chrome shelves
  • interior LED lighting
  • recessed handle
  • reflective smoked-glass Thermopane door
  • weight : 72 lbs
  • height : 29 ¼”
  • width : 18 ¼”
  • depth : 21 1/4”

With a stylish black cabinet and stainless steel trim on the door this SILENT running counter-top wine refrigerator will keep SIX BOTTLES of your favourite wine chilled and cooled to perfection with a temperature option ranging from 46-66°F and with a maximum ambient temperature of 77°F.

With its Peltier THERMOELECTRIC COOLING technology there are no moving and vibrating part which may disturb the sediment and cause damage to the maturing process. Not only that but it can be plugged into any electrical socket, it runs silently and is CFC-Free and ECO-Friendly.

  • weight : 22 lbs
  • height : 14 ¾
  • width : 10 ¼”
  • depth : 19 ¾”

A nice TINTED GLASS DOOR keeps any damaging UV rays from penetrating into the interior of the cabinet and there are 2 chrome shelves to hold the wine of our choice. Although the wine cooler is designed to hold the standard size bottles of wine, one or more shelves may be removed should you wish to store larger bottles.

Wine-Enthusiast have thought of everything and have proved it with this innovative 6-bottle WALL-MOUNTED Wine Refrigerator. Ideal for those smaller apartments and small studio pads, this saves either floor space or counter-top standing room and is easy eye-access, so that you don’t even need to bend down to check what to have with your evening meal.

The exterior digital temp. display has adjustable temperature range is between 45-68°F with readings in either Centigrade or Farenheit. Recessed Handles in the Thermopane Door give a clean finish look with no protruding parts and the wine is protected from any UV rays. An interior LED light displays the content to perfection. Weighing 29lb, this wine cooler is 30 1/4’ high, 17” wide and 6 3/4” deep and comes with a year limited warranty, like most of their products.

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