Wooden Panel Kitchen Aid 23.3 cu-ft Side by Side Refrigerator KSSS42QTX Architect Series II

In-Door-Ice Dispensing System : LCD Dispenser Display

In-Door-Ice Dispensing System : LCD Dispenser Display

The KSSS42QTX is the perfect option for those looking for a LARGE REFRIGERATOR unit for a regular-sized family. This unit features an EXTERNAL Water Dispenser in a side by side model and comes loaded with a number of useful features to make food keeping a breeze for you.

    Interior Features

  • Enjoy clean water that is available when you want it with the AquaSense Ice and Water Dispensing System. It eliminates the need to keep ice trays and water bottles and saves up on a LOT OF SPACE.
  • The Advanced dispenser flows TWICE the amount of water as previous models so waiting time for filling up your glass or container is minimal, and the factory Installed Ice Maker makes ICE CUBES that you can readily use.

  • The unit has a number of Shelves, Bin Storage and basket Storage options to make organization quick and easy and to MINIMIZE CLUTTER.
  • You have the Adjustable SpillClean Glass shelves that minimize spills to one area, ClearVue Slide n' Lock door storage that are great for small beverages, Fullwidth freezer shelving and Satinglide Freezer baskets. Other compartments that use the SatinGlide system include the SatinGlide Refrigerator pans.
  • The storage compartments are designed for keeping food, ingredients and beverages FRESH. Good examples include the FreshSeal HUMIDITY CONTROLLED Crisper, the FreshChill Temperature controlled meat pan and the ExtendFresh Ingredient Care Center.

      Exterior Features

  • This KitchenAid refrigerator is available in THREE great colors:- Black-Trim Panel, (KSSS42QTB) White-Trim Panel (KSSS42QTW) and Stainless Trim Panel (KSSS42QTQ)
  • The Light Wood PANELS on the one shown here, gives this unit a country feel. Modern accents such as the brushed steel that lines the edges of the doors and the darker metallic finish of the ice and water dispenser are the only hints of the technology that the KSSS42QTX is lacking. The model accepts CUSTOM OVERLAY PANELS so you can choose one that best fits the kitchen decor.
  • An electronic display sits on top of the dispenser and tells you the temperature of the interior compartments.
  • The Black Base Grills provide EXCELLENT VENTILATION while keeping dust out. It provides ample support for the base and prevents moisture and dirt from promoting rust on the bottom portion of the unit.

      Dimension Specification

    Depth: 25 3/8 inches
    Height: 83 3/8 inches
    Width: 42 1/4 inches
    Total capacity: 25.3 Cu. Ft.


  • The KSSS42QTX comes in a side by side design which is known for its large storage space, both for the fridge and for the freezer. Even smaller refrigerators with this design have more capacities compared to others of the same size.
  • The unit has two SMALLER DOORS which makes opening and closing in a crowded kitchen easy to do. The separate doors also helps you SAVE ENERGY since you have the option of opening one door at a time, reducing the amount of cold air that goes out.


  • The side by side design of this unit is also a source of drawbacks. For one, the unit has high and narrow storage spaces, which will not accommodate large and wide storage items.
  • Another disadvantage are the NON-ADJUSTABLE SHELVING. Other units that sport adjustable shelving options allow you to remove some shelves to make room for taller items.
  • The Ice Maker tends to FROST Up once in a while. It has to be defrosted every week to prevent the build up of ice crystals.

      Consumer Likes and Dislikes

  • large storage space
  • separate doors helps lower power consumption
  • unit looks great

  • hard to store wide and large items
  • ice maker tends to clog up with frost
  • non-adjustable shelving a problem for some

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